The North Texas Fair And Rodeo Begins With Changes In The Midst Of A Heat Wave

A Denton County tradition is beginning amid the abnormally warm weather. The North Texas Fair and Rodeo is still taking place as scheduled for its 95th year, but executive director Glenn Carlton said changes are being made.

“As event organizers, you want everything to be ideal. You want the weather and the way you put things up to be ideal, but we can never control that,” said Glenn Carlton.

The fair has increased its EMT crew and has volunteers handing out free water to help fairgoers cope with the hottest day North Texas has experienced in more than ten years.

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The carnival rides will not open until after 7 o’clock or whenever the surface temperature begins to decrease.

Everyone should feel secure and at ease, he declared.

The below tweet from North Texas Fair And Rodeo is about inviting everyone for the show:

There Were Not Many People Throughout The Day Because of So Much Heat

Even though there weren’t many people there throughout the day, those who had survived the triple-digit heat did so to enjoy the entertainment found beneath some of the fair’s 30,000 square feet of tents.

Mark Madrigal explained, “There are these fans here, so we strategically came and found this fan here so we can eat while the show’s at 5:30.”

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