We regret to inform you of the passing of Welsh-born British racing driver Thomas Maldwyn Pryce, better known by his stage name, Tom Pryce. You will find all the details of his life and death in this post.

How Did Tom Pryce’s Accident Happen?

British race car driver Tom Pryce perished in the 1977 South African Grand Prix at Kyalami after a horrific accident. He struck a marshal named Frederik Jansen van Vuuren as he was rushing across the track to assist a driver whose car was on fire.

The impact instantly killed van Vuuren and Pryce. Moreover, it severed van Vuuren’s head and launched his fire extinguisher skyward. The car continued down the track with Pryce’s body still inside until it struck the barriers and came to a stop. One of the deadliest and scariest crashes in Formula One history occurred.

You can read about his friends and family’s reactions to his passing below. His death had a profound impact on them.

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How Did Tom Pryce’s Loved Ones Pay Tribute to Him?

Tom Pryce shared their condolences on social media. One user tweeted, “R.I.P. to Tom Pryce who lost his life on 5th March 1977 at the Grand Prix of Kyalami at 27 years old.”

Another user said, “Remembering the talented Welshman Tom Pryce & track marshal Frederick Jansen van Vuuren, both of whom perished in a horrible accident.”

Jonathan Merry tweeted, “The accident that haunts me is Tom Pryce’s accident at Kyalami in ‘77.”

Similar to these loved ones, a large number of people paid respect to him on social media. We send our sympathies to his friends and family. In the box below, you can express your concern for his family as well.

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