Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: How Much He Earned From Professional Hockey Career?

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth: An entrepreneur and former professional hockey player from Canada, Wayne Gretzky has a $250 million fortune. Being considered the “greatest” in athletics is frequently a subjective affair. Every sports season, a new “greatest” athlete is recognized. However, there have been a select few athletes who have dominated a sport for so long that they can legitimately claim to be the “best.”

A few men and women, like Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Kelly Slater, and Nadia Comaneci, have been able to redefine what is possible in their particular sport. For the hockey community, such a person is Wayne Gretzky.

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth is $250 Million in 2023. Wayne bought a sizable property in the upscale gated neighborhood of Beverly Park in the late 1980s, not long after switching to the LA Kings. A few years later, Eric Smidt, a billionaire, bought the mansion he had just sold (not the Google billionaire Eric Schmidt). Smidt paid $3 million for the vacant land next door and sold the entire estate for $40 million in 2014.

Career Earnings Of Wayne Gretzky

A total of $46 million in NHL pay was earned by Wayne Gretzky during the course of his career in the NHL. During his time as a player, he signed sponsorship deals that brought him an additional $50 million. After correcting for the effects of inflation, his total earnings were almost equivalent to $150 million.

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Because of his astute financial management, he has amassed a fortune, which he has used to construct an empire that currently encompasses a variety of businesses, including a sports franchise, a winery, and several real estate endeavors.

Professional Hockey Career Of Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky signed a $1.75 million USD seven-year personal services contract with the Indianapolis Racers in the World Hockey Association in 1978 when he was 17 years old (WHA). The NHL did not permit the signing of players under the age of 20, so he was forced to originally join the WHA. Before being traded to the Edmonton Oilers, he only had a brief appearance for the Racers. He played a key role in guiding his team to four Stanley Cup championships when they entered the NHL when the WHA disbanded in 1979.

Professional Hockey Career Of Wayne Gretzky
Professional Hockey Career Of Wayne Gretzky

In only his first NHL season, he won the Hart Memorial Trophy with the Oilers as the league’s most valuable player. His fame grew, and among other things, he broke the 200-point barrier for the first time in NHL history and had seasons with more than 200 points. After that, he was transferred twice more, spending time with the St. Louis Blues (1988–1996) and the Los Angeles Kings (1988–1996). (1996). He signed a two-year, $8 million USD contract with the New York Rangers in 1996 after becoming a free agent.

Retirement By Wayne Gretzky

While playing with the New York Rangers in 1999, he decided to end his professional hockey career. Gretzky won nine Hart Trophies for the most valuable player throughout the course of his career, ten Art Ross Trophies for most points scored in a season, five Lester B. Pearson trophies, and two Conn Smythe Trophies for postseason MVP. After retiring, he was instantly enshrined in the NHL Hall of Fame.

He owned a remarkable 61 records when he left the NHL. He was the only individual to get this accolade at the time, and his #99 jersey was retired throughout the entire league.

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Final Lines

Wayne Gretzky Net Worth is $250 Million. Gretzky transitioned into management following the conclusion of his playing career and was named executive director of the Canadian National Men’s Hockey Team for the 2002 Winter Olympics. He later acquired a 10% ownership in the NHL team Phoenix Coyotes in May 2000 in collaboration with majority owner Steven Ellman. Between October 2005 through September 2009, he served as the team’s coach. He joined Oilers Entertainment Group as a partner and vice-chairman in 2016.

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