You Season 4 Spoiler: Unleashing The Shocking Twists and Turns

You season 4 spoiler this post is gonna be all about that. If you have already watched You Season 4 part 1 then this post is for you.  Hello and welcome to the club! If you’re reading this, you’ve probably seen You Season Four, Part One of the Netflix series. If not, consider this your final warning to close this tab and catch up—major spoilers are on their way. This post contains You Season Four, Part One spoilers.

Are you still here? Great. Let’s get started. To say the least, Season Four, Part One of You was a frenzy. Joe Goldberg, a serial stalker and self-proclaimed “romantic,” adopted a new character after relocating to London.

He changed his identity to Jonathan Moore, got a job at a prestigious institution, and ditched his baseball cap in favor of a sharp suit and tie. Despite his violent tendencies, Joe—er, Jonathan—reinvented himself as a kind man in order to impress his ex-girlfriend, Marianne.

He vowed to quit killing people while hiding out in a peaceful English suburb with only his books and new clothes. He actually did it! But someone else is now.

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A mystery assailant known as the Eat The Rich Killer is prowling the streets of London, assassinating any top 20-somethings they come across. Of course, Joe Goldberg’s name is all over the attacks… but that’s on design. Whoever is carrying a knife around town is aware of Joe’s true identity and is framing him for the setup of the century.

Joe, in the style of Pretty Little Liars, learns to know the culprit by the midseason finale. In other words, they’ve been texting each other. The only problem? The Eat The Rich Killer refuses to reveal their name, and they’re going after Joe’s new buddies.

Joe drives with his crew to an opulent home in the countryside, where stuff actually goes down, determined to solve the riddle. Continue reading for a rundown of the midseason mayhem.

Gemma Passes Away

Gemma leaves the table after a group supper and never returns. Later that evening, Kate and Joe discover her body and collaborate to dispose of it. Kate’s estranged father is in charge of the estate’s security. She is afraid that if she tells them, he would fly right back into her life. So they decide to deal with it themselves.

Joe Almost Bites It As Well!

Roald accuses Joe of being the Eat The Rich Killer shortly after Gemma is discovered dead. Roald reveals his theory to Sophie, Blessing, and Connie while holding Joe at gunpoint. Despite Joe’s protests, they are easily persuaded—and leave the two men to settle their differences.

you season 4 spoiler
you season 4 spoiler

Roald then gives Joe a head start and chases him out of the home and into the forest, bent on murdering Joe for his alleged misdeeds. When Roald eventually catches up to him, Joe (who is really fast, I should add!) knocks him out.

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Eat The Rich Killer’s Identity Revealed

After narrowly escaping death, legendary author Rhys Montrose appears and knocks Joe down as well. (What is going on?) He then leads Joe and Roald into an underground cellar and admits to being the Eat The Rich Killer. While Roald sleeps in the corner, Rhys confesses to all of the murders and blackmails Joe into assisting him in completing the job.

He then orders Joe to murder Roald, sets fire to the cellar, and urges Joe to find him in London if he lives. Joe narrowly escapes—and saves Roald as well. Remember how he’s trying to be a better person? When they eventually reach safety, Joe secretly vows to eliminate Rhys once and for all. We took help from together with information for this article.

Conclusion: As the first part of the fourth season of You draws to a close, Joe watches Rhys on TV as he announces his candidature for mayor. Joe then sets the stage for a showdown between two serial killers in season four, part two, by thinking, “Rhys Montrose. I’m on my way to get you…”


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