YouTube Prankster Arrested In Texas On Instagram Live

During a broadcast on Instagram, a Houston-based YouTube prankster is seen in a viral video getting j@iled in Texas. The video shows a Galveston policeman apprehending Jidon Adams, also known as JiDion. It is difficult to determine which law enforcement agency the officer works for. Still, according to Galveston County records, Adams was detained on a Harris County warrant on Sunday afternoon, April 16.

After being stopped by the police, Adams tells his viewers in the film’s opening scene that “I’m about to go to j@il.”

Adams is requested to exit his car, and after a brief exchange with the police, he is instructed to put his phone on the ground so that he can be handcuffed. As he is being arrested, he sets his phone down on the car but continues to stream live. Adams is continuously working on new stuff as he is being taken into custody.

YouTube Prankster Arrested In Texas On Instagram Live

“Is it cool if I get a thumbnail?” Adams asks the cop, referring to the preview image used on YouTube videos. “I’ll let you do that when we get to the station,” the officer said.  You check the Texas Man Arrested for Arson After Setting G!rlfr!end Apartment on Fire.

Adams’ arrest warrant was issued by Houston police last week due to trespassing. The YouTuber said he thought the warrant was for a video he and another YouTube prankster, Jamie, were in when he tweeted about it on Twitter on April 10. In that video, Adams and the other creator of online material invite a professor at the University of Houston to be their Valentine during her class. Before the pranksters leave, the lecturer threatens to contact the college police.

Last Friday, Adams tromped the Houston Police Department, even identifying them in a tweet announcing his return to Houston. Additionally, he shared a picture of himself standing in front of a police station holding a banner that stated “L + Ratio.” You can check below:

Adams shared a tale to Instagram on Tuesday, April 18, showing him in the back of an SUV being driven by a man he claims is his lawyer. However, MySA hasn’t uncovered any paperwork indicating that Adams has been released.

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