Zavalla Couple Allegedly Tattooed Kids Forcibly

Following allegations that they had tattooed their children, a mother and stepfather were taken into custody. According to the affidavit, Megan Mae Farr, 27, and Gunner Farr, 23, tied down their children, aged 9 and 5 years, and tattooed them against their will following allegations made by Child Protective Services and a subsequent investigation conducted by Angelina County Sheriff’s Office.

Megan Mae Farr and Gunner Farr were arrested. The child who had a tattoo on their foot was contrasted with the child who got a tattoo on their shoulder. An accusation has been made by the investigator that the parents restrained the children by tying them down with a rope, covering their mouths with tape, and covering their eyes with rags while the tattoos were being applied.

“There were forensic interviews with the children, and a lot of the information from the forensic interviews was used in this investigation,” interim Zavalla Police Chief Lieutenant James Denby said. “This investigation utilized a lot of the information from the forensic interviews.”

Zavalla Couple Allegedly Tattooed Kids Forcibly

The complaint further says that the parents attempted to remove the ink from the tattoos by wiping them with lemon juice while simultaneously attempting to cover up the tattoos by cutting, scraping, and cleaning the places where the tattoos were located. This came about after the children’s biological father and stepmother observed the tattoos that were on the children and inquired with Megan Farr on the matter. He asserts that she laughed about it and then drove away from the scene. He filed a report about it with the CPS.

Denby explained that all of this transpired around the time that Child Protective Services got involved. Denby reports that a tattoo kit has been given to the authorities for further investigation. Do you know Elon Musk Ambitious Plan To Build His Own Town?

“Someone came forward and handed in a tattoo kit that she claimed had been lent to Gunner so that he could do tattoos. Denby explained that the patient was unaware that the procedure would be carried out on a youngster.”

CPS currently has custody of four children, including the two children involved in the incident, as well as two other children.

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According to Denby, this is an ongoing investigation, and the District Attorney’s office in Angelina County will get all of the material gathered in this case in order to bring criminal charges. You might learn about Texas School For The Deaf Appoints Superintendent.

Gunner Farr is charged with one crime of unlawful restraint and one act of injury to a child, while his sister Megan Mae Farr is accused with two charges of injury to a child and unlawful restraint. They have a collective bond amount of $30,000 between them.

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