Adidas Net Worth: How Much Did Adidas Profit From Yeezy?

Adidas Net Worth: German multinational company Adidas AG, founded in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, and stylized as Adidas since 1949, develops and manufactures footwear, clothing, and accessories. It is the largest sportswear manufacturer in Europe and the second-largest in the world after Nike.

It acts as the parent company for the Adidas Group, which also owns an 8.33% stake in the football team Bayern München as well as the Austrian fitness technology company Runtastic. Adidas recorded revenue of €21.915 billion for the prior year. What will the worth of Adidas be in 2022? On October 25, Adidas announced that they would no longer collaborate with Ye, also referred to as Kanye West.

Fans were thrilled when the Adidas and Ye cooperation was revealed in 2015. Since then, the partnership has generated immense wealth for them both. Due to the rapper’s online and in-person antisemitic statements, the company declared in 2022 that it was ending its relationship with him. So, what is Adidas Net Worth?

Adidas Net Worth

Adidas net worth is estimated at $20.19 billion by Macro Trends. Since the brand claimed that 2021 was a great year, this is hardly surprising.

The company reported in a statement that in 2021, sales increased by 16%, and revenues increased by 15% to reach €21.234 billion. The company’s gross margin increased by 0.7 percentage points to 50.7% in the same year. In light of all of this, the company made an effort to outperform itself in 2022.

Adidas History

Following his return from World War I, Adolf “Adi” Dassler started the company in Herzogenaurach, Germany, by producing sports shoes in his mother’s laundry or scullery. In July 1924, his older brother Rudolf started working there, and the business later changed its name to “Dassler Brothers Shoe Factory.” Herzogenaurach’s energy source was erratic, and periodically the brothers had to power their machinery with the pedals of a stationary bicycle.

Dassler made a contribution to the development of spiked running shoes for several sports. He developed a new design of heavy metal spikes using canvas and rubber to enhance the quality of spiked athletic footwear. American sprinter Jesse Owens was convinced to use Dassler’s hand-made spikes at the 1936 Summer Olympics. Owens’ four gold medals helped Dassler sneakers become well-known among athletes and their coaches throughout the globe. The Dassler family had a successful business and annually sold 200,000 pairs of shoes prior to World War II.

Adidas Recent Years

At the end of 2012, Adidas saw its highest sales, and CEO Herbert Hainer was optimistic about the future year. Adidas’ present global headquarters are in Herzogenaurach, Germany, and the company also has various offices in places like London, Portland, Toronto, Tokyo, Australia, Taiwan, and Spain.

For around $2.5 billion, Adidas sold Reebok to the Authentic Brands Group in March 2022.

How Much Did Adidas Profit From Yeezy?

Jonathan Komp, a Baird analyst, reportedly estimated that the partnership was responsible for the brand’s estimated $1.8 billion in annual revenue. read about Tamar Braxton’s net worth as well.

In the statement, the group also acknowledged that they had expected Adidas would “have a short-term unfavorable impact” on the company’s net profitability in 2022 of up to €250 million. The purchase also hurt Ye, whose net worth dropped from $1.5 billion to $400 million as a result. He is no longer included in Forbes’ list of billionaires.

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Adidas V/s Kanye West

On Tuesday, October 25, Forbes reported that the funds come from “real estate, cash, his music library, and a 5% part in his ex-wife Kim Kardashian’s shapewear brand, Skims.” West, 45, thought the publication had overestimated his wealth. When he initially made the billionaires list in 2020 with an estimated $1 billion in wealth, he texted the publication claiming his net worth was $3.3 billion.

The Atlanta native also asserted in records obtained earlier this year that the value of his partnership with Adidas alone was $4.3 billion, while Forbes, after analyzing information from other insiders and speaking with industry experts, only estimated his net worth to be around $2 billion.

Adidas V/s Kanye West
Adidas V/s Kanye West

Adidas Products

T-shirts, jackets, hoodies, jeans, and leggings are just a few of the items that Adidas produces for both men and women. The first item of clothing developed by Adidas was the Franz Beckenbauer tracksuit, which was released in 1967. Adidas AG is the second-largest producer worldwide and the biggest maker of sports bras in Europe.

After Adidas terminated its agreement, Kanye West’s net worth decreased. Kanye West is claimed to have seen a significant decline in his net worth since losing his Adidas deal as a result of his anti-Semitic remarks. Kanye West Has Been Banned By Every Company Because of His Anti-Semitism The worth of the alliance between Adidas and the rapper Yeezy brand was above $1.5 billion, according to Forbes. Without the deal, West’s net worth dropped to $400 million.

Final Lines

Adidas Net Worth is $20.19 billion currently. Adidas released the first mobile booking app for the footwear industry in January 2015. The Adidas Confirmed app lets users browse and reserve the brand’s limited-edition footwear using geotargeting technology. For $240 million, Adidas acquired the Runtastic fitness technology business in August 2015. Ashworth was a part of the TaylorMade golf division that Adidas sold to KPS Capital Partners in May 2017 for $425 million.

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