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Police dramas are a type of show that networks always seem to have a lot of. Between Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and other shows, there are a lot of dedicated police officers on TV. But on October 2, East New York, another procedural show, was added to the TV.

The show follows Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood of the 74th Precinct in East New York as she tries to lead her team to a new way of policing that requires them to think and act differently and also needs the people’s trust in a neighborhood she knows well. Even though neither part of the job is easy, she will still do it.

Amanda Warren as Deputy Inspector Regina Haywood

Regina Haywood was recently made the boss of the 74th Precinct in East New York, a working-class neighborhood on the edge of Brooklyn. In her new job, she wants to be a change agent and see police work done a little differently.

Even though her goal is good, it’s not the only reason she’s doing it. She has a lot of family in the area, and she wants better for the people there.

Because her new way of thinking about policing goes against a system that has been in place for decades, those on the force and in the community she has sworn to serve and protect push back against her goals.

Jimmy Smits as Chief John Suarez

John Suarez is a brilliant NYPD commanding officer who has won many awards. He is Haywood’s boss and mentor, so he wants her to do well in her new job.

East New York Cast

But because he was the “teacher” and she was the “student,” he often thinks he knows best, sometimes putting them at odds. This is especially true when he doesn’t always like her new ways of being a police officer.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson as Officer Marvin Sandeford

Even though Haywood has family in the East New York area, Marvin Sandeford may know more about it than anyone else on the team. As a well-respected training officer who knows the area well, he may be the most critical part of Haywood’s plan. Even so, he seems unsure how well her ideas will work.

Ruben Santiago-Hudson is the actor who plays Sandeford. Before we talk about his acting experience, we’d like to point out that he wrote the screenplay for Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom, which starred Viola Davis and was praised by critics. Santiago-Hudson has been in the TV shows Billions, David Makes Man, and Castle.

Kevin Rankin as Detective Tommy Killian

One of the officers who don’t like change is Tommy Killian. He wants the old ways of protecting and serving, and even though they aren’t perfect, he prefers to stay grounded in tradition.

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Kevin Rankin plays Killian on the show. Rankin has been in popular TV shows like Claws, The Umbrella Academy, and Breaking Bad on AMC.

Richard Kind as Captain Stan Yenko

Stan Yenko works as Haywood’s right-hand man. Unlike some other characters, he is very supportive and pleased to help Haywood with her new ideas. The way he acts generally brings some humor to the show.

Richard Kind plays Yenko. Kind has been in several TV shows, including Gotham, The Good Fight, and The Goldbergs. He’s also a well-known voice actor whose work can be heard in shows like Big Mouth, American Dad!, and Inside Out.

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