Jason Blum Net Worth 2023: Is He Owner Of Blumhouse Productions?

Jason Blum Net Worth: An American film producer named Jason Blum has a $200 million fortune. As the creator and CEO of Blumhouse Productions, Jason Blum made his wealth. Blumhouse Productions is known for its horror films and television shows, with hits like “Paranormal Activity,” “Insidious,” and “The Purge. The films Whiplash and BlacKkKlansman, as well as the television drama “The Normal Heart,” are just a few of the critically lauded works Blumhouse has produced that aren’t in the horror category.

Jason Blum Net Worth

Jason Blum Net Worth is $200 Million in 2023. In 2019 Jason spent $10 million on a townhouse in Brooklyn Heights and $9.5 million on a residence in the Hancock Park district of Los Angeles. In downtown Los Angeles, he also has a $6.5 million penthouse apartment at The Ritz Carlton Residences. The pair also owns a $10 million property in Brooklyn, New York City’s Brooklyn Heights district.

Jason paid $14.3 million in May 2020 for a Santa Monica, California, house built by Frank Gehry. The previous owner purchased the home next door for $2.2 million in 2009 after purchasing the land for $4.55 million in 2005, resulting in an amazing 1-acre lot.

Jason Blum Childhood And Education

To Jewish parents Irving and Shirley in Los Angeles, California, Jason Blum was born in 1969. His mother was an art historian and lecturer, while his father was the director of the Ferus Gallery, a gallery for contemporary art. Blum attended Vassar College where he received his higher education, graduating in 1991. Notably, he shared a residence with actor-turned-director Noah Baumbach.

Career Start-Up Of Jason Blum

Blum started out in the business of producing plays at Ethan Hawke’s Malaparte theatre. After that, he began his career in the movie business by working as an executive at Miramax, owned by the Weinstein brothers. After that, Blum worked for Paramount Pictures. He provided the funding for Noah Baumbach, a former college buddy, to write and make his first movie, “Kicking and Screaming,” in 1995.

Jason Blum Movies From Blumhouse Productions

Jason Blum established the movie and television production company Blum Israel Productions in 2000. This business then changed its name to Blumhouse Productions. The company’s original business plan was to make movies with modest budgets that allowed directors more creative latitude. With its ground-breaking production, Oren Peli’s supernatural horror thriller “Paranormal Activity,” Blumhouse successfully applied this strategy. The movie, which cost about $15,000 to produce, made almost $193 million worldwide and inspired a series of follow-up movies.

With other horror series, such as “Insidious,” “The Purge,” and “Halloween,” Blumhouse has also found success. Major horror films like “Mercy,” “Ouija,” “Sinister,” “Jessabelle,” “The Visit,” “Visions,” “Curve,” “The Gift,” “Ma,” “The Black Phone,” “Mr. Harrigan’s Phone,” and “M3GAN” were also produced by the business. Jordan Peele’s horror movie “Get Out,” which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Picture in 2017, was one of Blumhouse’s biggest successes.

Television Production Company Blumhouse By Jason Blum

Based on Laura Cahill’s stage play of the same name, Blumhouse launched its television production in 2002 with the television movie “Hysterical Blindness.” The firm didn’t produce for television once more until 2013 when the Syfy network aired six episodes of the paranormal investigation reality series “Stranded.” The HBO television film “The Normal Heart,” which was based on the Larry Kramer stage play on the early stages of the AIDS crisis in New York City, gave Blum one of his greatest critical triumphs the following year. It received the Outstanding Television Movie award at the 66th Primetime Emmy Awards. Ascension, a mystery science fiction miniseries, was also created by Blum in 2014.

Television Production Company Blumhouse By Jason Blum
Television Production Company Blumhouse By Jason Blum

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Real Estate Of Jason Blum

Around $40 million worth of the real estate is owned by Jason and his wife Lauren Schuker in New York City and Los Angeles. The following is a list of their known property holdings:

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Final Lines

Jason Blum Net Worth is $200 Million. Low-budget films made by Blumhouse are renowned for becoming wildly successful franchises. For instance, the first “Insidious” made $100 million on a $1.5 million budget. His typical film budget is $6 million. His worldwide box office takes an average of $60 million. More than $5 billion has been made by his films worldwide to date.

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