Mick Jones Net Worth: Why He Was Fired From The Clash?

Mick Jones Net Worth: A British guitarist, singer, and songwriter named Mick Jones. The Clash, a punk music band that Jones co-founded and remained a part of until 1983, is what most people associate him with. He then started the group Big Audio Dynamite. Jones has participated in a variety of bands over the years, including General Public, Carbon/Silicon, Gorillaz, and the Justice Tonight Band. He has also worked as a producer for bands including the Libertines and Theatre of Hate. Now we will talk about Mick Jones Net Worth.

Mick Jones Net Worth

Mick Jones Net Worth is $20 Million in 2023. As he was growing up, he spent the majority of his time at his grandma Stella’s house, who was his mother’s mother. Jones attended both the Strand School and the West London School of Art and Design for his formal education.

Jones was a member of the glam rock band the Delinquents in the early 1970s and played guitar with them. Soon after that, he joined forces with Geir Wade, John Brown, and Eunan Brady to form the proto-punk band London SS.

Creation Of The Clash Band By Mick Jones And His Friends

Jones and Paul Simonon, a former member of the London SS, met guitarist Joe Strummer after the band’s dissolution. The trio quickly developed into the rock group the Clash while rehearsing together in a derelict railway warehouse in Camden. Jones played lead guitar and sang, Strummer played rhythm guitar and sang, and Simonon played bass.

When their debut album was released in the UK in 1977, Topper Headon joined them on drums. The following year, “Give ‘Em Enough Rope,” the second album by The Clash, was released. The band’s next album was “London Calling,” which would go on to become their most recognizable and well-received work. The Clash created a distinctive sound by fusing punk, reggae, funk, ska, and rockabilly on their first three albums. In 1980, the group issued its fourth album, “Sandinista!”

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Why Mick Jones Was Fired From The Clash?

The Clash’s fifth studio album, “Combat Rock,” was released in 1982. The album became the group’s best-selling album in the UK and the US, propelled by the massive success of the singles “Rock the Casbah” and “Should I Stay or Should I Go.” After this victory, things went horribly wrong as Headon’s heroin addiction caused the Clash to break up. This increased friction among the band, especially between Jones and Strummer. Jones was let go from the band in 1983 after the “Combat Rock” tour came to a close.

Why Mick Jones Was Fired From The Clash?
Why Mick Jones Was Fired From The Clash?

Mick Jones Created New Band General Public

Mick Jones joined the new wave band General Public as a founding member after being let go by the Clash. Dave Wakeling, Ranking Roger, Mickey Billingham, Horace Panter, and Stoker were more members. In 1984, General Public’s debut album, “All the Rage,” was made available through Virgin Records. Jones quit the band while the album was being recorded, although his guitar work can still be heard on a number of songs, notably the top-charting “Tenderness.”

Jones joined the virtual band Gorillaz on tour from 2010 to 2011, and he also contributed to a few songs on their albums “Plastic Beach” and “The Fall.” Later, Jones joined forces with Pete Wylie and musicians from the band the Farm to form the Justice Tonight Band. The Hillsborough Justice Campaign was the motivation behind the formation of the group. Jones worked with the Flaming Lips on their 2019 studio album “King’s Mouth: Music and Songs,” among other projects.

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Is Mick Jones Married?

Jones produced Ellen Foley’s second studio album, which a singer and actor, and they previously dated. He then wed Miranda Davis, a film producer, and the two of them now reside in a $7 million property in London’s Notting Hill area.

Final Lines

Mick Jones Net Worth is $20 Million currently. Jones performed with several bands far into the twenty-first century. He founded the rock group Carbon/Silicon in 2002 with Tony James, a former bandmate from London SS. The studio albums by the pair, “A.T.O.M,” “Western Front,” “The Crackup Suite,” and “The Carbon Bubble,” were all made available for download online. The News EP and “The Last Post,” two tangible releases by Carbon/Silicon, are also available.

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