State Senator From Texas Is Arrested For Drunk Driving

According to documents, a Republican state senator from Texas was taken into custody on Tuesday and charged with DUI.

The 52-year-old Charles Schwertner was taken into custody by the Austin Police Department early on Tuesday morning and is currently being held at the Travis County Jail.

When Fox News Digital contacted his office for comment, they did not get back to them right away.

According to the records, Schwertner has been accused of a misdemeanor charge of driving while intoxicated. Around 12:46 in the morning, he was stopped by police in Austin’s Hyde Park neighborhood.

Charles Schwertner Was Set To Chair A Senate Committee Meeting Before Arrest

According to the Austin American-Statesman newspaper, Schwertner was scheduled to chair a Senate committee meeting about Texas’ power grid and recent winter outages at 11 a.m. before being arrested.

Schwertner was described as an orthopedic surgeon on the state senate website as well as a devoted Republican who represents District 5, which includes counties in central and eastern Texas.

In 2018, Schwertner was charged with emailing a University of Texas graduate student obscene texts and pictures of his genitalia.

The girl and Schwertner, a UT alumnus, allegedly met at a campus gathering where she expressed interest in working for the state senate. The two subsequently texted each other on their cellphones after exchanging messages on the networking website LinkedIn, according to reports.

Schwertner allegedly gave the student a picture of what seemed to be his genitalia while in the shower along with the text, “I just really want to f—- you.” Officials claimed that the picture does not show his face and that the student did not reply to the message.

The Texas Tribune reports that despite Schwertner’s lack of cooperation with authorities, an investigation later conducted by the school found that it was “plausible” that someone else texted the messages from a program that both it and the senator could access.

Prior to beginning his tenure in the Senate in 2013, Schwertner was first elected to the Texas House in 2010.

According to his biography, “Schwertner oversees a number of crucial policy areas for the state of Texas, including electric utilities, insurance, banking, alcoholic beverage regulation, technology, and telecommunications” as chairman of the influential Senate Committee on Business and Commerce and the Senate Committee on Constitutional Issues.

The biography noted that Schwertner is a member of the Legislative Budget Board and the Senate Committees on Education, Finance, and State Affairs.

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