Brent Musburger Net Worth: What Is His Annual Income?

What is Brent Musburger Net Worth? American sportscaster Brent Musburger earns $4 million in income each year and has a $14 million net worth. ESPN, ABC Sports, and CBS Sports have all employed Brent Musburger. He was a founding member of “The NFL Today” on the previous network, where he covered important sporting events like the Super Bowl, NBA Finals, World Series, and Masters.

Brent Musburger Net Worth

Brent Musburger Net Worth is $14 Million in 2023. Throughout his decades-long career as a sportscaster, Musburger has covered a wide range of events, including the Indianapolis 500, the FIFA World Cup, and the Belmont Stakes. He also briefly worked as the play-by-play announcer for the NFL’s Oakland/Las Vegas Raiders. He is a star in the Hall of Fame of the Montana Broadcasters Association.

Childhood And Education Of Brent Musburger

Brent Musburger, who was reared in Billings, Montana, was born to Beryl and Cec on May 26, 1939, in Portland, Oregon. Todd, one of his brothers, rose to fame as a prominent media lawyer and sports agent. When Musburger was younger, he periodically got into trouble. At the age of 12, he and his brother stole a car from their mother’s housekeeper. His parents sent him to Shattuck-St. Mary’s boarding school in Faribault, Minnesota, put some discipline in him. Musburger received his higher education at Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois, where he graduated with a degree in journalism. You can also go for War Machine Net Worth.

Career Start-Up Of Brent Musburger

Working alongside famed columnist Warren Brown at the Chicago American newspaper, Musburger began his career as a sportswriter. When he called Olympic athletes Tommie Smith and John Carlos “black-skinned stormtroopers” in a 1968 editorial, in reference to their protest against racial injustice while receiving their medals at the Olympic Games in Mexico City, he courted intense backlash.

Career Start-Up Of Brent Musburger
Career Start-Up Of Brent Musburger

Musburger started working for CBS in the late 1960s, first as a sportscaster on WBBM radio. He ultimately worked for WBBM-TV. After relocating to Los Angeles in the middle of the 1970s, Musburger joined KNXT as a news and sports anchor, co-anchoring evening newscasts with Connie Chung until 1980.

Brent Musburger In SportsNet CBS

Brent Musburger began calling play-by-play for NFL games on CBS Sports in 1973. He would occasionally be joined by Tommy Mason or Bart Starr, and a year later by Wayne Walker. Musburger eventually took over as anchor of “The NFL Today,” the network’s primary NFL studio show, in 1975. He gained national notoriety in this capacity. The NFL pregame show was frequently ranked as the top pregame program in the nation during his tenure, which lasted through 1990. You can also read about Matt Mullenweg Net Worth.

Brent Musburger Las Vegas Statistics and Information Network

A month after leaving ABC and ESPN, Musburger joined the Vegas Stats & Information Network, which was founded by his brother Todd, nephew Brian, and documentary film director Dave Berg. Musburger was named the network’s principal on-air personality. VSiN is a radio network and streaming television service that covers sports betting and is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. “My Guys in the Desert” was broadcast by Musburger during the workweek. He and his family continued to serve as executives and on-air hosts despite selling the network to DraftKings in 2021.

Brent Musburger In ESPN And ABC Sports

Musburger received a number of opportunities after being let go by CB but ultimately decided to join ABC Sports. He initially concentrated on covering college basketball and football there. After ABC and ESPN amalgamated, Musburger expanded his responsibilities to include reporting on events including the Indianapolis 500, golf tournaments, NBA and MLB games, and horse races. You can also read about Charlie Sloth Net Worth.

Additionally, he oversaw coverage of the 1998 and 2006 World Cups, the Tour de France, and halftime on “Monday Night Football,” as well as providing play-by-play commentary on “Saturday Night Football” and ESPN’s SEC Network.

Final Lines: Brent Musburger Net Worth is $14 Million. A waterfront mansion in Jupiter, Florida, cost Brent and Arlene $1.245 million to purchase in 1994. They put their house up for sale in March 2017 for $2.45 million, then in May they sold it for $200,000 instead.

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