Christine Harmon Obituary: When Did the Funeral for Her Take Place?

We regret to inform you that Christine Harmon, 53, unexpectedly passed away in Costa Rica on August 2, 2023. We send our sympathies to her family and friends.

Where Was Christine Harmon’s Funeral Services Held?

The funeral for Christine Harmon was place on Saturday, August 26, 2023, at 11:00 a.m. at St. Dominic Church, 19000 Van Aken Boulevard, Shaker Heights, Ohio. On the website for the funeral home, at, you can leave a tribute.

Who is in Christine Harmon’s Family?

Christine Harmon Obituary
Christine Harmon Obituary

Christine Harmon is a dedicated mother of Andrew and Bronwyn Harmon and is married to Gregory Harmon. She is also Maddie, Mitchell, and Elise Harmon’s grandma. Donald R. Brinkley, her father, passed away before her.

Her mother Carolyn Brinkley, sister Laura (Joe) Loftus and their kids Melissa, Adam, and Timothy, brother Charles (Claire) Brinkley and their kids Jonny, Leo, and Lila, and brother David Brinkley and his kids Imogen and Nava survive her.

Below, you can read what Greg Harmon said about Christine in a tweet about her life and family:

What Achievements Did Christine Harmon Get in Her Life?

After graduating with a master’s degree from Northeastern University in 1996, Christine first earned a bachelor’s degree in English from Boston College in 1991.

Over the past 18 years, she has successfully built a wellness company with an emphasis on helping others improve the quality of their lives via self-care. In this effort, she used counseling, workshops, and Pilates training to treat chronic pain by manipulating fascial tissues.

Christine was passionate about leading a vegan diet and enjoyed using her family as test subjects to experiment with new plant-based cuisine. Her reputation among vegans prompted a recent request for her to review vegan recipes for a new cookbook.

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Her biggest loves and a constant source of pride and joy were Christine’s husband and kids. She was the foundation of her family and a devoted wife and mother.

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