Layne Norton Divorce: Where Are Both Currently?

Layne Norton Divorce will be discussed in this article. Isabel Norton, who was formerly married to Layne Norton, endured a great deal as a result of the breakup, making it a very touchy subject for her.

The cheating that the professional bodybuilder did on his wife ultimately resulted in their divorce. In 2017, his ex-wife also posted an explanation of her situation on social media and shared it with the world.

Isabel mentioned in her video that she has gone through a lot recently and that whatever it is that she is going to talk about in her video is going to be difficult for her.

She went on to say that the previous year had been extremely difficult for her on all fronts, be they mental, physical, or emotional. When a person’s mental health is included in alongside their career, popularity, children, and marriage, things become quite challenging. Layne Norton Divorce will be discussed in the next paragraph.

Layne Norton Divorce: Did He Cheat His Wife?

In 2017, Layne Norton divorce was finalized following the discovery of infidelity on the part of his ex-wife, Isabel Norton. As a result of the fact that he is a nutrition advocate and professional bodybuilder in addition to owning his own YouTube channel, a number of people have learned about his divorce.

In addition to this, his ex-wife published a video on social media platforms in which she makes allegations regarding her former husband’s extramarital activities. At first, Norton denied having cheated on his wife and had extramarital encounters.

However, one year later, he published a video on his YouTube channel in which he acknowledged his errors and apologized for them. Isabel was likewise left devastated by Layne’s extramarital affair, and she fell into postpartum depression as a result of it. His former spouse and he are the parents of two children, a girl, and a son.

A tweet from Layne Norton talking about being healthy and fit.

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Layne Norton On His Cheating And Mistakes

In 2018, Layne Norton posted a video on YouTube titled Learning From My Mistakes-My Affair in which he discussed his infidelity as well as the mistakes he had made. At the beginning of the video, he stated that he had something to talk about and that it was something very personal. It is not an easy subject for him, and he wrestled with the decision to create the video for a considerable amount of time before finally settling on doing so.

Layne Norton On His Cheating And Mistakes
Layne Norton On His Cheating And Mistakes

Because of his experience coaching bodybuilders, he made the decision to film the video for a number of reasons. He remembered making a lot of mistakes when he was coaching or competing, which is one of the reasons he decided to get into the bodybuilding coaching business.

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Where Is Layne Norton & Isabel Norton Now?

There was no way that Layne and Isabel Norton could have ended their relationship on good terms, but they have moved on to live their own lives. In addition to this, both of them have found love for the first time in their lives.

Holly Baxter, Layne’s wife, is a fan of female bodybuilding just like her husband, therefore the couple decided to be married. As can be seen from her posts on various social media platforms, Isabel is also married to a second man.

Final Lines: Despite the fact that Layne and Isabel’s relationship did not have a happy ending, they are currently co-parenting their two children. Layne and his wife, Holly, had just moved into the house of their dreams not so long ago.

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