Winter Storm Warning Still In Effect For Kerrville

The majority of the Hill Country and the I-35 corridor will experience the greatest icing, according to the National Weather Service, which predicts that a harder bout of freezing rain and embedded light sleet will last into Wednesday morning. Through Thursday morning, Kerrville is still under a Winter Storm Warning.

Bridges And Other Problems Solved With Magnesium Chloride And Gravel

The Kerrville Street Department claims that magnesium chloride and gravel have been used to treat all bridges (even TXDOT-owned ones) and common issue inclines inside the municipal limits. Overnight, seven more places were added for treatment.

Although there may be more treatment operations, all roads and bridges are currently passable. Rain and damp roadways make it difficult to see ice on road surfaces, therefore extra caution should be taken.

According to city officials, there is little ice buildup on trees and only a thin film of ice covers most elevated surfaces, automobiles, walkways, and driveways. There have been no power outages reported.

Although all roads are open, the Kerr County Sheriff’s Department advises citizens to avoid leaving their homes. Sheriff Larry Leitha of Kerr County stated that although there is some ice on several bridges around the county, most of it is located in the western part of the county. The issue is being carefully monitored by all sheriff deputies.

Officials from the city and the county advise those who do exit to drive slowly and with extreme caution.

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