Paxton Verdict Fuels Political Firestorm Ahead of Education Showdown!

School options were already a very controversial topic in Texas politics. The plan has been a source of tension between the Senate and the House for a long time. Democrats and rural Republicans have made a barrier against the plan in the House.

But when you add in the impeachment trial and acquittal of Attorney General Ken Paxton and the explosive intraparty conflict it caused in the Capitol, state lawmakers are getting ready for an even bigger showdown over the problem this fall. stay connected with us for more information.

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Political Firestorm Ahead of Education Showdown

Gov. Greg Abbott hasn’t set a date yet, but he has said for a long time that after Paxton’s trial, he will call lawmakers back to Austin to talk about his main goal of letting parents use government money to pull their kids out of public school.

Texas Attorney General Verdict

It was never going to be easy to get approval from the government. During the regular session, there was no progress on the problem for months. Any kind of agreement would probably need careful talks and cooperation between the houses, which has always been hard with Patrick and House Speaker Dade Phelan.

This year, Patrick and Phelan fought for months in public over how to cut property taxes, which was a goal that almost everyone on both sides of the Capitol wanted to see happen. Most people in the House have been against “school choice” for years, which has made talks harder. Here is a Twitter post related to the Texas news:

The fights over Paxton have only made it harder for the two bodies to work together. In May, the House of Representatives voted heavily to impeach Paxton. However, the Senate found him not guilty of all 16 articles of impeachment.

Patrick, who was basically the judge, ended the trial by criticizing the House for how it handled the impeachment, saying it was rushed, and called for an audit of the House’s spending. Phelan replied that Patrick was cheating the people of Texas out of justice and showing how much he hated the People’s House.

Even though the two chambers are fighting, people who want school choice still have hope. The top advocate for the problem at the Texas Public Policy Foundation, Mandy Drogin, stated on Monday that she was “extremely hopeful.”

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