Rikki Rockett Net Worth: How Rich Is Rock Artist In 2023?

People are searching for Rikki Rockett Net Worth. American rock artist is Rikki Rockett. Most people know Rikki Rockett as the drummer for the rock group Poison. Rockett, whose drumming was always given priority on Poison’s studio recordings, is largely responsible for Poison’s arena-filling success in the 1980s and 1990s.

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Rikki Rockett Net Worth

Rikki Rockett Net Worth is $5 Million currently. The tattoo that can be seen on the band’s 1990 album “Flesh and Blood” cover is Rockett’s, making it arguably more evident evidence of his contribution to the group.

Additionally, the original record cover featured images of Rockett’s blood straight after the tattoo was applied in addition to the fact that it is a real tattoo. Though later censored, this album cover is still uncommon today. More than 50 million albums have been sold globally by Poison to date.

Rikki Rockett Early Years

Richard Allan Ream was Rockett’s given name when he was born on August 8, 1961, in Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania. He is Norman and Margaret Ream’s youngest child. He went to Cedar Cliff High School and has always loved music, both playing and listening. He was a big fan of rock music. Bret Michaels, who was also from Mechanicsburg, was a childhood buddy of his.

Poison Band Of Rikki Rockett

When Rockett graduated from high school in 1979, he and his lifelong friend Bret Michaels started a group they called the Spectres. Soon after, the two joined forces with Bobby Dall and Matt Smith to form the band Paris. They initially performed in clubs and primarily covered rock songs in neighborhood bars. Dall concentrated on business, while Smith was thought to be the group’s strongest musician.

Rockett and Michaels were left to concentrate on the band’s stage presentation and public image. The band decided to relocate to Los Angeles after struggling to build a sizable fan base in Pennsylvania. The band decided to alter their name to Poison and departed for California in March 1983.

Poison Band Of Rikki Rockett
Poison Band Of Rikki Rockett

Smith later decided to leave the band and go back to Pennsylvania, which led the other three guys to employ C.C. DeVille. At the height of their fame, this lineup remained the band’s core. When Poison signed with Enigma Records in 1986, they immediately found popularity.

In May of that year, they published their debut album, “Look What the Cat Dragged In.” Three chart-topping singles from the album—”Talk Dirty to Me,” “I Want Action,” and “I Won’t Forget You”—were produced as a result of its unexpected popularity. It was Enigma Records’ best-selling record ever when it was released. Because of its popularity, Poison was invited to tour with groups like Ratt, Cinderella, and Quiet Riot.

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Rikki Rockett Work Besides Poison

Rockett has pursued a few additional hobbies aside from his work with Poison. He co-wrote and colored the six issues of the “Sisters of Mercy” comic book series in 1995. The publication was made by Maximum Press.

Additionally, he put in a lot of solo labor. Rockett’s debut solo album, “Glitter 4 Your Soul,” was made available online in January 2007. The album’s sound was an homage to glam rock from the 1970s. Additionally, he contributed music to the Britny Fox album “Bite Down Hard.”

Rikki Rockett announced in April 2007 that he was forming Rockett Drum Works Inc. The business primarily produces drums and excels at making ultra-custom drum sets, snare drums, and accessories.

Before starting his own business, Rockett was employed at Chop Shop Custom Drum, but he left the position because of disagreements with Brian Cocivera, the company’s founder. Many of the employees of Chop Shop were recruited by Rockett to work for his new business.

Along with bassist Eric Brittingham from Cinderella and guitarist Tracii Guns from L.A. Guns, Rockett created the rock ensemble the Devil City Angels in 2015. The lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for Cheap Thrill was Brandon Gibbs. In September 2015, the quartet issued its self-titled debut album.

Rikki Rockett Individual Life

Rockett wed his longtime girlfriend Melanie Martel in October 2008. They welcomed Jude Aaron Rockett, their first child together, in July 2009. Their second child, a daughter named Lucy Sky, was born in March 2013. Hey Jude and Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, two songs by The Beatles, serve as the inspiration for the names of both of the kids. The couple made the decision to split in July 2015, and their divorce was finally formalized in June 2017.

Rocket has a passion for martial arts. He practices Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu at Street Sports Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu in Santa Monica, California, and has a black belt in the art. He is a vegan as well. Rockett revealed that he was waging a war against throat cancer in December of that year. He declared himself cancer-free in July 2016 following therapy.

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Final Lines: Rikki Rockett Net Worth is $5 Million. Rikki sold a house in Castaic, California, in November 2016 for $1.05 million.

His present residence is a different Castaic property, which he paid $665,00 for in 2011. Rikki got started remodeling the 3,800-square-foot mansion as soon as she acquired the 4.7 acres of land.

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