Texas Mother Got Robbed At Gunpoint In Driveway While Protecting Her Child

Texas mother got robbed at gunpoint Authorities said on Monday that a mother in the state of Texas was held at gunpoint during a robbery that occurred in her own driveway one month ago as she helped her little child exit the vehicle. The robbery was caught on tape.

A tweet about the incident is given below.

On the evening of January 15, at around 8:20 p.m., a home surveillance video that was shared by the Robbery Division of the Houston Police Department captured a car going up and down the 5500 block of Ariel Street in Houston. Following a number of passes by in his vehicle, the masked assailant exits his vehicle and approaches the woman from behind.

A video that shows the whole incident:

The suspect demands money from the woman while pointing a weapon at her while she looks to be busy removing her newborn from the vehicle while the infant is still in the car seat.

After placing the infant and the car seat on the driveway, the mother instructs the man to remove her backpack from the car. He can be heard asking for her cell phone, and she can be seen pulling it out of the pocket behind her back after he has asked for it.

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As he points the firearm in your direction, the suspect can be heard stating, “Get out of here right away.”
The female voice can be heard pleading, “Don’t hurt my kid, don’t hurt my kid.”
After stealing the woman’s backpack and phone, the suspect speeds away in the vehicle after running from the driveway with both items.

mother got robbed
mother got robbed

The suspect was a Black male and wore a black hoodie, black jeans, and white Adidas sneakers, according to the police description. It was hypothesized that the culprit was driving a white sedan with four doors, a black back bumper, and a black right front quarter panel. We used various sources including Foxnews to collect information about the incident

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