Texas School Superintendent Resigns After Leaving A Firearm Unattended In A Bathroom For A Third-grade Student To Discover

After parents in the district realized that the superintendent had left a gun in an unsecured state school toilet for a third-grader to locate, the superintendent in Texas resigned.

District employees have confirmed that Rising Star Independent School District Superintendent Robby Stuteville submitted his resignation on Monday.

Tuesday’s emergency meeting of the Rising Star ISD Board of Trustees was held to examine Stuteville’s resignation, which was effective right away, and to decide what should be done. Marty Jones, the current principal of Rising Star High School, has been named the interim superintendent of the district, a representative of the Rising Star ISD announced on Wednesday morning.

In the past week, the former principal of Stuteville has verified that in January, a third-grade student at Rising Star Elementary School discovered his gun in the restroom. The youngster promptly alerted a teacher without touching or moving the firearm.

Stuteville spoke with Nexstar’s KTAB about the event and said that both he and the school’s principal practice open carry on campus.

Stuteville claimed that when using the restroom, he took the gun off and put it in a stall. He then left the stall unattended for roughly 15 minutes until the student discovered the gun.

According to the child’s parents, the student went back to class and alerted the instructor, who sent another student into the restroom to verify that it was a genuine gun.

Stuteville asserted that there was never a threat beyond what was immediately apparent. He continued by praising the student’s conduct after discovering the pistol and declaring that he was “proud” of him.

One of those instances of guns in classrooms, according to Stuteville. “Whoever accepts responsibility, poses a serious threat, and parents should teach their children to be alert for any strange placement of a weapon or anything out of the ordinary.”

Police Were Not Aware Of The Incident Until Now

Despite the fact that the pistol was discovered in January, local police claim they were not made aware of the event until this week. After being told, Rising Star Police opened an inquiry.

A local police chief acknowledged that an investigation is also being conducted into the first failure to report.

An urgent school board meeting was held Thursday night to discuss the event with the district’s parents. Although most people agreed that Stuteville was not acting “maliciously,” as one parent claimed, they were not pleased with how long they had been kept in the dark.

Why did we parents have to learn about it from the news? One parent said, “It merely gives the impression that the school is hiding something.

Parent Giovanni Mata, who just relocated from Uvalde to Rising Star, confirmed to KTAB that he is the father of the student who was supposedly asked to check whether or not there was a pistol in the restroom.

“So the teacher questioned my son and another child,” Can you check to make sure it’s a real gun? Why send a young person? Why not just send another person? Mata enquired.

He said, “Be in my shoes,” in reference to the horrible school massacre that occurred close to his previous residence in Uvalde. “The guy killed all those people in three minutes flat; three minutes. Also, the gun in the restroom at Rising Star was unattended for 15 minutes.

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