Who Is Justin Stroud: Is He Related To Mama June?

Many people on social media want to know Who Is Justin Stroud. E! News reported earlier this week that the former star of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” surreptitiously wed Justin Stroud on March 23 in a courthouse ceremony in Georgia.

Followers are interested in learning more about the unique man who helped Mama June recover following her public breakup with Geno Doak in 2021. Despite the fact that the pair is not yet ready to publicly share details of the big day, followers are anxious to discover more about the wonderful man.

During an interview in May with E! News Daily Pop, the reality star discussed how Justin helped her get through challenging moments, including her battles with substance abuse in the past.

“I first got to know Justin a year ago. She explained that he was completely unaware of what she was going through. He was contacting me and asking, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ Today, I found myself thinking about you. I really hope that today is fantastic for you.’

And then there are those short and sweet text messages. While you are going through a difficult time in your life, you don’t know how significant it is until after it’s over.

Continue reading to find out more information about June’s excellent companion as the happy pair is busy celebrating their new status as husband and wife.

Who Is Justin Stroud

During the festivities held on May 12 to mark the premiere of Mama June: Road to Redemption, June did not hesitate to respond to those who had questioned Justin’s engagement with her. He is not in this position for the clout.

It’s not about the money for him at all. According to what she said to E! News, “He doesn’t give an s—t what’s in the bank account.” “He is responsible for his own life, his own money, his own things, and his own objectives.”

The following tweet from People confirms the marriage of Justin Stroud and Mama June.

June has stated that viewers may expect to see Justin in multiple episodes of the upcoming season of Mama June: Road to Redemption. June is hopeful that the audience will see how glad she is now that she is with a man who she can trust, even though she does not know what will make it into the final cut.

“Many who are familiar with me have said, ‘You just seem so much happy.'” “People are going to see that he’s fantastic, and he’s not going anywhere,” she said. “[H]e’s not going anywhere.” “I’m not going to let this one get away from me,” she said.

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The Couple Met On Social Media

TikTok is where this couple is said to have had their initial encounter, as several sources have stated. In May, June stated to E! News, “Honest to God, I don’t go on very many dates.” “I’m not on a dating app. There was never a time when I used a dating app. I have no idea how I get up in relationships, but it always seems to be a happy accident.

Mama June’s Kids About Justin Stroud

Justin has made the acquaintance of most of June’s four children, including Alana “Honey Boo Boo” Thompson. June stated to E! News that “they like him.”

Mama June's Kids Approve
Mama June’s Kids Approve

We’ve had a good time together. They were forthright with him when they first met, and they informed him, “Hey, it’s not you.” It’s really her. She has a way of attracting people, and he was able to see that.” To our great relief, it seems that Justin is different from the other guys.

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Fans Have Already Found Justin Online

Following some research, followers appear to have uncovered Justin’s official account on the photo-sharing platform Instagram.

The reality TV personality from WEtv revealed that he had, in fact, tied the knot with June, despite the fact that he isn’t the most active user on the social media site. On June 1, he emailed his followers, “Yeah guys, the rumors are true.” “We have tied the knot.”

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