Galveston ISD Superintendent Jerry Gibson Resigns

Dr. Jerry Gibson, the superintendent of Galveston ISD, left a late-night meeting behind closed doors. After a back-and-forth regarding misogynistic remarks Gibson made during a school district event, the news was announced at midnight.

According to the agreement made public by the school board, Gibson will step down on June 30. With a temporary leader in charge, he will stand aside from day-to-day activities for the time being.

“It’s a letter of resignation. Dr. Gibson made the comment that he was attempting to put an end to this. We were all in attendance. Following the meeting, GISD Board President Anthony Brown observed, “It’s really challenging to do.

Galveston ISD Superintendent Jerry Gibson Resigns

Gibson will get his remaining salary for this year as well as a buyout from the district as part of the agreement to quit. All of this follows remarks made by Gibson during the groundbreaking for the district’s new high school.

Gibson allegedly referred to women as “worker bees,” suggesting they toiled in the background to enhance men’s appearance. A male, he added, was required to “push this through.”

Residents of Galveston gave their comments during the gathering earlier on Monday night. The superintendent was defended by some. Bailey Gonzalez, a senior at Ball High School, said, “I know that this was not his intention.”

Others had criticisms. Nicole Obert, a parent in the GISD, stated that misogyny is not tolerated in this district.

The Galveston Daily News, a media partner of KHOU 11, caught Gibson’s remarks on camera. Gibson is heard on the recording saying: “…done behind the scenes and keep pushing and taking care of the specifics. Men do that, isn’t that right? That’s what they do. Despite the fact that we don’t offer them much to work with, they take care of the details for us and try their best to make us appear nice. However, we claim that a male is required to advance this.

Gibson reportedly denied making those remarks, but the Galveston Daily News later published an audio clip of the ceremony where he uttered them.

“It’s that he said no to a newspaper, ‘No, I didn’t say that. I think it was something like ‘No ma’am,’” GISD parent Lauren Scott said. “No, sir. We all heard it. It was on a mic. It was in front of at least 100 people … students. And just for the record, I have a son, and I don’t think that he needs to listen to that trash either.”

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Others, however, believed that the superintendent could be excused for his comments and actions because they were poor judgment.

“If anybody in this room has ever said anything they wish that they hadn’t said, or hadn’t said anything that they wish that they’d said differently, raise your hand because I’m in the club that has,” GISD parent Archie Hart said.

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