Hail Falls From Severe Storms In Some Areas Of North Texas

Storms that developed late in the night in North Texas brought with them significant hail, along with severe rain, wind, and lightning. The hail arrived in a variety of sizes, ranging from the size of peas to that of golf balls. Yazmin Vargas, an audience member of FOX 4, uploaded a video of the storm moving through Irving.

According to Beth Spaulding, the sound of hail falling in her neighborhood in Plano is what roused her from sleep. Another viewer, Lori Nelson Pollitt, mentioned that she thought her granddaughter’s raccoons were running about on her roof and bouncing up and down. As a result of the reported spin, a tornado warning was issued for Van Zandt County. It is not entirely apparent whether or not a tornado made landfall. There was no mention of any serious harm being done.

Tornado Touches Down In Tyler

At least one tornado was formed by the same storm in Tyler, which is located approximately 100 miles southeast of Dallas. After making landfall on Thursday evening around 7 o’clock, it proceeded to leave a path of damage in its wake.

Hail Falls From Severe Storms In Some Areas Of North Texas

According to Reports from the area indicate that Tyler Junior College, in addition to other places of business and houses, was affected by the storm. There has been no information as of yet regarding whether or not anyone was wounded.

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