Lawsuit Says Bogus CEO Sets Up Job Interview, Places Recording Device In North Texas Hotel Room

It was meant to be an interview for a job as an executive assistant. One Oregon woman says it turned into a nightmare that still scares her after months. At the request of the complainant, WFAA will not name her or reveal who she is. The complainant, whose name is AB, flew from Oregon to DFW in the middle of February for a job interview. Her lawyer said that AB had already had a Zoom interview with the company.

She read up on him before she met him. Anna Greenberg, a lawyer in Houston, said, “She went to the company’s website and it looked totally real.”

AB told WFAA that the company’s claimed CEO picked her up at the airport for the job interview. She says that the CEO of the Hilton Dallas/Southlake Town Square gave her a room key. The few times she talked to him, red flags began to go up. But when she got to her hotel room, things got really bad, she says.

“I was alone in my hotel room, and two strangers just walked in,” AB said. “I was very scared, and that’s when I started looking around to see what else wasn’t right here.”

The two guys, who were unknown, left the room because they thought it was empty. Documents from the court show that the client started to feel suspicious and started looking around the hotel room for anything that didn’t seem right. Then she noticed an alarm clock that didn’t seem to belong there.

“When she looked at the device more closely, she could see a real camera lens inside the clock radio. It was a hidden camera,” said Greenberg.

She says it was an alarm clock with a memory card that was made to record videos. The plaintiff took it right away to the hotel office.

Places Recording Device In North Texas Hotel Room

“[The hotel worker] said, ‘We don’t even have clocks in our hotels; that’s against the rules,'” AB remembered. “Well, there’s an alarm clock in here!” AB gave a reply.

“Within a minute of the plaintiff unplugging the hidden camera, the claimed CEO called her and asked if everything was okay. “Plaintiff told [the alleged CEO] that everything was fine and that she would be at the restaurant soon because she didn’t want to tell him that she had found these suspicious devices,” said the civil lawsuit.

The job interview never happened, and AB says she told Southlake cops about it before they took her to the airport. WFAA has asked the hotel and its general manager to respond many times. No one has answered the calls, voicemails, or emails. The lawyers say that both the CEO and the business were made up. WFAA won’t say who the “CEO” is because he hasn’t been charged with a crime yet. You can check the related news about Kerrville Police Department Has New Cutting-edge Body Cameras.

The lawyers for AB want AB to be charged with a crime. The Southlake Police Department told WFAA that the event is being looked into. This lawsuit accuses the hotel and the fake CEO of being careless. The hotel is run by a company called Driftwood Hospitality Management, which is separate from the hotel itself. When WFAA first called Hilton Hotels, they told them to call the private owner.

The lawyers and AB want more than $1 million in damages. AB says she gets panic attacks and can’t sleep because of them. She now has a job and is trying to move on with her life. “Looking back, I was afraid I was going to be kidnapped and sold for s*x, as horrible as that is,” AB said.

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