Rio Grande Valley “Mystery Animal” Stumps Park Officials

A “mystery animal” was discovered in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas, and it has park officials as well as the general public scratching their heads.

Officials from Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Bentsen-Rio Grande Valley State Park posted a photo of an odd-looking animal that was difficult to identify on the park’s Facebook page a week ago. They asked social media users for assistance in identifying the animal species shown in the photo.

As a park visitor was out on a late-night stroll in the Rio Grande Valley, the fuzzy, stocky, and short-legged animal was captured on camera by the trail cam that the person was carrying with them.

“We’re racking our brains trying to determine what kind of animal this evasive specimen is. Is this a completely new species? Could it have gotten loose from a nearby zoo? Or perhaps a member of our staff dressed up as someone else?” the state park said. “No matter what, it is exciting to see such a beautiful animal in the environment in which it was meant to live.”

According to New York Post, Almost six hundred users commented on the post made on Thursday with their best ideas. One reader stated, “If it’s not a bear, then I would imagine a park ranger in disguise!!” while another commented, “A good old Texas big rat.”

Rio Grande Valley "Mystery Animal" Stumps Park Officials

A beaver, wolverine, capybara, or otter were some of the other proposed possibilities. Several others thought that the animal in question was a badger, and one user even said that it was a “pregnant badger!” After considerable conjecture and discussion, the park officials finally revealed their best guess as to what it might be. Also, check out this news about The Wichita Falls Tornado 44th Anniversary.

“Wow, a lot of people have been looking at this picture! According to the statement made by the state park, “We agree with most of the comments that this is very likely an American Badger (not to be confused with the Honey Badger, which lives in Africa and Asia and is known to not care too much about its surroundings).” Even though American Badgers are rarely observed in the valley due in part to the fact that they are nocturnal animals, this region is actually a part of their natural territory.

According to officials at the park, it is unknown precisely where the photograph was shot in the Rio Grande Valley.

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