Texas Couple Say CPS Seized Infant Amid Jaundice Disagreement

A Texas couple claims that following a disagreement with their doctor regarding the infant’s jaundice, the state’s Child Protection Services took their two-week-old baby, Mila. Temecia Jackson, 38, of Desoto, the mother of the kid, stated that the family is now seeking her return in court.

According to reports, the Jacksons claim the paperwork incorrectly listed the baby’s mother as another woman when officials arrived at their Dallas home on March 28 to take the newborn. They also claim the woman mentioned has a criminal history. In the records, Rodney Jackson was also identified as the child’s “alleged father.”

What Was Temecia Jackson Said

In a news conference on Thursday, Temecia Jackson said, “Instantly, I felt like they had kidnapped my baby because I had a home birth, and they were trying to imply my baby belonged to this other woman.”

“We’ve been treated like criminals, which is untrue. Her husband Rodney added, “This is a nightmare I wouldn’t wish on anyone. In an email to the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Jackson wrote, “They took my newborn kid from my arms and handed me paperwork.” “I went to the police station and reported that my child had been taken from me,”

When contacted by Post on Saturday, Temecia Jackson declined to comment. A midwife was present when Mila was born on March 21 at home in the Dallas suburb of Desoto. Three days later, the Jackson family brought her in for a checkup at the neighborhood hospital, where she was given the all-clear.

Texas Couple Say CPS Seized Infant Amid Jaundice Disagreement

On March 27, however, they reportedly took her back to the hospital after she developed jaundice. Temecia told the Star-Telegram, “We were told the levels are high while visiting the pediatrician, and they will test blood and follow up. They called back and said the baby needed to be admitted right away for light therapy.

The Jacksons stated that they would rather receive counseling at home. Baby jaundice is a frequent ailment brought on by an excess of bilirubin, a red blood cell pigment that is yellow. But, according to Temecia Jackson, a hospital doctor who did not see the infant firsthand recommended Mila be treated at a hospital because he thought her bilirubin levels were risky.

Mila was taken by officials who visited the Jacksons’ home on March 28. According to the letter from Dr. Anand Bhatt that was obtained by WFAA and requested that Mila be taken away from her parents, her bilirubin level was dangerously high at 21.7. The doctor stated that because bilirubin can cross the blood-brain barrier, babies with bilirubin levels over 20 risks developing brain damage.

New York Post tweeted that a Texas couple says CPS officials took the infant indispute over jaundice. You can see below:

Bhatt claimed in the letter that he made numerous attempts to contact the parents before notifying Child Protective Services when he received no answer. The Jacksons are scheduled to appear in court on April 20 and have since visited their infant in the hospital. If you have finished reading this news, look at this latest news about Texas Targets Renewables Despite Advantages.

The CPM who attended Mila’s birth, Cheryl Edinbyrd, said: “CPS has enough to do out here for kids that are truly getting bashed and abused.” This child was receiving care. This kid was receiving assistance. Also, this child was loved. Also, this youngster was taken. “We are demanding that Mila go back home right now. Today. Since it was too late yesterday.

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