North Texas Disaster Aid Organizations Prepare For Tornado Victims

North Texas-based disaster relief agencies are getting ready to assist those whose lives have been upended by the fatal tornadoes that have struck multiple states.

On Sunday evening, Rand Jenkins, who serves as the director of the ministry advancement for Texas Baptist Men, could be seen standing outside their Dallas location. The crews began loading their trucks in preparation for their deployment to the states located in the Midwest at some point this week.

As soon as they are given the all-clear that it is safe to travel through the hard-hit areas, the volunteers will set off on their mission.

North Texas Disaster Aid Organizations Prepare For Tornado Victims

Jenkins characterized the level of destruction as “considerable” in his assessment. TBM is assisting those who the disaster has impacted efforts to recover by distributing meals and emergency supplies, cleaning up, and even rebuilding.

According to Jenkins, “as the demand increases for what we have and can supply, we could be sending more throughout the course of this week and the weeks to come.”

In the location that World Vision maintains in Grand Prairie, the organization is getting ready to send out a vehicle stocked with emergency supplies on Monday morning on Monday morning. Already, the non-profit organization has dispatched a truck from its warehouse in Chicago to a location in Kentucky.

According to Roberta Taylor, who works as the partner coordinator for World Vision, another vehicle carrying goods from North Texas will head to Ohio.

“Typically, the destruction is not as broad, so this is a little bit different for us,” said Taylor. “This is a little bit different for us.”

Taylor is directly affected by the destructive trajectory of the path. She has family members who live in the affected area of Kentucky, where officials in state government have stated that the number of fatalities could top 100.

“I count it as a great fortune that none of my relatives were harmed. According to Taylor, “of course, they have received the brunt of the winds, and they have had the rain, and they have lost electricity.”

Robby Starbuck tweeted that Friends of ours are driving down to help the tornado victims in Mississippi! You can see below:

Cooper Cowan, a soccer player at Arkansas State who is originally from Burleson, Texas, is among the people who have stepped up to offer assistance amid the disaster.

Some of the more exciting news here:

Cowan, a college sophomoreA that she was forced to seek cover indoors while multiple tornadoes went through her state. Although she did not sustain any damage or injuries, the surrounding towns were utterly transformed.

Cowan shared their experience, saying, “I felt so horrible and powerless because I didn’t know what to do.”

She and her friends decideda drive and look for ways that they  be of assistance. Eventually, they stopped at the house of a random family and assisted them in cleaning up their backyard.

According to Cowan, “perhaps the most upsetting thing was probably seeing all of the children’s toys strewn out everywhere and the clothes from the nursing home all over the road and in the trees and on power lines.”

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