Locked and Loaded: Texas Gun Laws You Need to Know

The majority of people in the state of Texas are now able to carry guns openly thanks to a law that was passed by the legislature almost two years ago.

“I mean, we enjoy doing business with them very much. We take great pride in being able to assert that the Second Amendment is ingrained in our national psyche “

According to Alex Del Carmen, who is the director of the Institute for Predictive Analytics in Criminal Justice at Tarleton State University and the dean of the school of criminology at that institution.

Texas Gun Laws You Need to Know

However, according to the opinions of various experts, this does not absolve gun owners of their responsibility to both themselves and the people around them.

“Any time you use a weapon, you are putting yourself at some both criminal and civil liability,” said North Richland Hills police chief and president of the Texas Police Chiefs Association Jimmy Perdue said. “I mean, you have to make the decision whether that the use of this weapon is going to be viewed legally appropriate and both, you know, ethically appropriate.”

The host, Baylee Friday, also discussed the mentality behind carrying a weapon with Leigh Richardson, who is the founder of the Brain Performance Center in Dallas. Baylee Friday and Leigh Richardson.

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