Texas Judge Has Changed The Bond Conditions For Accused Dallas Zoo Monkey Thief

The Texas guy who freed a leopard and fled with two monkeys is currently incarcerated, and he will have a number of travel limitations if he ever pays the six-figure bond needed to get released.

A clouded leopard’s enclosure was allegedly ripped open by Davion Irvin, allowing the large cat to escape and sparking a big search operation. The leopard, who was given the name Nova, was ultimately discovered on the zoo grounds.

Irvin is also charged with taking Bella and Finn, two emperor tamarin monkeys who were later discovered inside a deserted house.

The death of an endangered vulture at the zoo is still under investigation, despite the fact that Irvin has not been connected to the incident.

According to FOX 4 Dallas, a judge authorized a change to Irvin’s bond terms earlier this month.

Irvin will be obliged to wear an electronic leg monitor if he pays a bail of $130,000.

Irvin Will Be Banned From Visting Dallas Zoo, World Aquarium, And Other Animal Display Places

Irvin will be forbidden from visiting the Dallas Zoo, Dallas World Aquarium, or “any building and/or company engaged in the display or sale of animals” in addition to the leg monitor.

According to an arrest affidavit, Irvin allegedly informed officers he would take the animals again if given the opportunity.

The request for the bond condition change was made by the state out of fear of potential future events.

Because of Irwin’s actions, zoo officials said earlier this week that they would be increasing security measures at the facility, including a perimeter fence, installing surveillance cameras, and updating lighting.

The zoo also intends to expand police patrols at night.

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