Texas Man Accused Of Murder After Blaming Lucifer For The Death Of An Elderly Neighbor

According to reports, the man accused of killing his elderly neighbor in Texas last week informed authorities that he blacked out and that “Lucifer” was the one who ended up killing the victim.

Tamorian Moore, age 23, was taken into custody and charged with first-degree murder on Saturday after the body of Leonard Foster, age 81, was discovered inside his home by the police.

On Saturday afternoon, someone called 911 and reported that they had gone to check on Foster but found that he was not at home and had stolen his car. The caller also mentioned that they had witnessed Moore operating Foster’s vehicle while out and about and lugging garbage bags out of his house.

Tamorian Moore Tried To Divert The Case

After taking Moore into custody, the officers arrived at the residence, where they discovered Foster already deceased inside Moore’s home.

According to an arrest affidavit obtained by Fox 7 Austin, Moore told the police that he thought Foster was trying to seduce him and that “Lucifer” killed him before he blacked out. Moore also stated that he lost consciousness after “Lucifer” killed him.

The cause of death of Foster was ruled to be blunt force trauma, and the medical examiner found that he also had cuts on his body.

Moore is currently being detained at the Travis County Prison on a bond of one million dollars. The records from the jail did not include the name of an attorney who could represent him.

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