Texas Middle Class Requires This Income

For example, you’ll need to make a lot more in Plano, Texas, than you would in Cleveland, Ohio, between $23,827 and $71,124, which is the range of incomes in Cleveland, and between $63,651 and $190,004, which is the range of incomes in Plano.

Using data from the U.S. Census Bureau for 2021, researchers at the personal finance site SmartAsset looked at the high and low ends of middle-class salaries in 100 large cities and every state. They used the Pew Research Center’s definition of “middle class” as people whose income is between two-thirds and two times the median household income.

The Highest Middle-Class Income Levels

The study found that Fremont in the Bay Area has the wealthiest middle class of any big area in the U.S. This made it the winner. The middle-class income runs from $104,499 to $311,936 in Fremont, where the median household income is $155,968. Must read this news about the 2023 San Jacinto Celebration.

Three of the top five towns with the highest middle-class income levels are in the Bay Area in California. In San Francisco, these middle-income people must make at least $81,623 in San Jose, $84,673, and in Fremont, $104,499. Plano placed ninth in middle-class income, ranging from $63,651 to $190,004 per year. The median income was the most in Texas at $95,002.

Texas Middle Class Requires This Income

Austin was number 23, Irving was number 38, Fort Worth was number 44, Garland was number 59, Arlington was number 62, Corpus Christi was number 63, Dallas was number 72, Houston was number 76, San Antonio was number 77, Laredo was number 84, and El Paso was number 87.

In Austin, you would need to make between $53,293 and $159,084; in Dallas, between $38,857 and $115,990, and in Houston, between $37,184 and $110,998 to be called middle class. About the end of this news, you can check Texas City Attempts World Record For Largest Kyle Gathering.

A three-person household’s pay ranged from about $52,000 to $156,000 across the country. The minimum income needed to be in the middle class is $32,640 in Mississippi, $34,336 in West Virginia, and $34,898 in Louisiana.

In 2021, the median household income in the United States was $70,784, according to census statistics. To be middle class in Texas, you need to make between $44,865 and $133,926.

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