Texas Prosecutors Seek De@th Punishment For Mother Accused Of Ki!!ing Her Three Children

After reporting ki!!ing three of her kids with a knife and attempting to ki!! Her two youngest, a Texas woman, may be sentenced to de@th.

The event occurred in Italy, and Texas, and Shamaiya Deyonshana Hall, 25, was detained on March 3 and accused of three charges of capital mu*der. The Ellis County Sheriff’s Office is investigating the ki!!ings, which also wounded two other kids. The residence, which is next to an elementary school, was visited by Child Protective Services on that particular day.

Around 4 p.m., the CPS employee took the kids out of the house and dialed 911. Five children were found inside the house when an Italy Police Department officer arrived, all gravely hurt. A 5-year-old boy, a 6-year-old boy, and a girl were among the five kids immediately pronounced de@d. A grand jury returned three capital mu*der indictments against Hall.

Fox News tweeted that Texas prosecutors seek the de@th penalty formother accused of ki!!ing her three children. You can see below:

According to the three capital mu*der indictments, Hall is accused of stabbing to de@th three of her kids: Legend Chappell, 6, Alayiah Martin, 5, and Ayden Martin, 5.

The grand jury also handed down two other attempted mu*der indictments, which claim that Hall allegedly stabbed her 13-month-old daughter and 4-year-old son.

If you’re curious, you may read more about it at the website below:

Ellis County District Attorney Ann Montgomery announced the state’s intention to pursue the de@th sentence for Hall in the three capital mu*der cases in response to the accusations.

First Assistant County and District Attorney Cynthia Walker, Chief Felony Prosecutor Grace Pandithurai, and Felony Prosecutor Kevin Boneberg were named by Montgomery as the case’s prosecutors in a news statement.

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