Violence In Mexico Sparks Travel Warning From Texas Authorities

After the recent spike in violence that left two dead, Texas authorities advise Americans, especially those planning spring break excursions, to stay away from Mexico.

Steven McCraw, the head of the Texas Department of Public Safety, stated, “drug cartel violence and other criminal activity create a substantial safety hazard for anyone who crosses into Mexico right now.

According To The Authorities

According to Lt. Chris Olivarez, the DPS was prepared for spring breaks which might try to breach the border. “Right now, it is too dangerous with the increase in violence and kidnappings that are taking place in Mexico,” Olivarez said, adding, “I can’t stress enough to those that are thinking about traveling to Mexico, especially for spring breakers … to avoid those areas as much as possible.”

A level four travel advisory is the most severe one that the State Department can issue, and it advises travelers to avoid traveling to four states in Mexico.

Violence In Mexico Sparks Travel Warning

According to the authorities who spoke to the media on Friday, two sisters from Texas and a friend who went across the border into Mexico last month to sell clothes at a flea market have not been heard from in approximately two weeks. This is the most recent troubling instance.

Maritza Trinidad Perez Rios, 47, and her sister Marina Perez Rios, 48, along with their companion Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz, 53, have been reported missing by the FBI. Dora Alicia Cervantes Saenz is also 53 years old. Pietas is a small border city in Texas located close to McAllen. The sisters are initially from there.

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It is estimated that the women were driving a green Chevy Silverado from the middle of the 1990s to a flea market in Montemorelos, approximately a three-hour trip from the border. The news of their disappearance came a week after it was reported that four people from South Carolina had been kidnapped in Matamoros on March 3. The abductions took place during the day.

They had come to Mexico so that one of them, Latavia “Tay” McGee, who was 35 years old, could receive a belly tuck there. A hut to the east of Matamoros contained McGee and Eric James Williams, 38, who had been harmed but were still alive four days after being abducted off the street.

They were transferred to a hospital in Brownsville, Texas, in the United States. Their two close friends, Shaeed Woodard, who was 33 years old, and Zindell Brown, who was in his mid-20s, had been murdered by gunfire.

During the kidnapping, a Mexican woman of 33 years of age died after being caught in the crossfire. Six individuals have been taken into custody in connection with the abductions and murders that took place.

New York Post tweeted that Texas authorities warn against travel to Mexico after deadly violence. You can check below: 

The Scorpion group of the Gulf cartel in the region handed over those they believed to be responsible, along with an apology note. The note stated that the five accused kidnappers “acted under their decision-making and lack of discipline” when ambushed the victims. The letter was handed over along with the individuals.

Olivarez asserted that the decision by the cartel to hand over its members was nothing more than a ploy to deflect attention away from the organization. “When these catastrophes occur, rarely anyone is left alive,” he stated. “In most situations.”

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