Coast Guard Intercepts 1000 Pounds Of Illegal Sharks Off Corpus Christi

The US Coast Guard has been busy off Texas! The Coast Guard rescued a 93-year-old woman from a cruise ship off Galveston this weekend. The US Coast Guard stopped a 1000-pound shark operation off Corpus Christi this weekend. US Coast Guard Heartland Facebook shared this.

According to, a boat crew from the Coast Guard’s South Padre Island station halted a lancha containing four Mexican fishermen. “Lanchas are frequently used to transport illegal narcotics to the U.S. and illegally fish in the US Exclusive Zone,” the announcement claimed.

The U.S. Coast Guard defines a lancha as a 20-30 foot boat with one motor and a slim profile that can cruise over 30 mph. The US Coast Guard seized 1,000 pounds of shark, fishing gear, radios, GPS gadgets, and high flyers from the boat. According to the announcement, border enforcement officials detained and processed the fishermen.

This week…

Carnival Vista Cruise Ship requested a medevac around 10 p.m. Saturday. An old woman had respiratory failure, pneumonia, and septic shock. Luckily, they were near Texas. You can check this Gordon Food Service Starts Building A New Store In The State Of Texas.

Carnival Vista, 90 miles from Galveston, was rescued by a Coast Guard helicopter. The cruise ship nurse and woman were lifted to the UT Medical Branch. She’s stable. USCG Heartland’s Facebook video is stunning.

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