Dickinson “Wicked” Drug Dealer Gets 50 Years In Prison

Galveston County District Attorney’s Office, a drug dealer was given a 50-year prison term on Thursday.

William Jimmerson Scott was found guilty of producing or distributing a controlled substance after a two-day trial. Scott will be qualified for parole after completing 25% of his term.

Tips Lead To Investigation

After receiving a tip that a man selling drugs out of his Dickinson house by the name of “Wicked,” police started their investigation. According to the prosecution, the Organized Crime Task Force of the Galveston County Sheriff looked into Scott and eventually found sufficient grounds to get a search warrant for his home.

On July 21, 2021, a search warrant was carried out at the residence, and police discovered more than 60 grams of liquid cocaine, more than 18 grams of crack cocaine, baggies frequently used by drug dealers to package drugs, and a scale commonly used by dealers to weigh the drugs they sell, according to the prosecution. The first-degree felony charge of possessing four to 200 grams of cocaine with intent to supply was brought against Scott.

Dickinson "Wicked" Drug Dealer Gets 50 years In Prison

On May 10, his trial commenced, and it was over on May 11. The drugs, weapons, and drug paraphernalia that the authorities found during the search were displayed to the jury during the trial.

Scott declined To Give Testimony In Support Of Himself

ADA made a closing defense in her Galveston County takes these offenses very seriously, Jennifer Fisher told the jury, and our community and citizens need to be safeguarded. Scott was found guilty by the jury after less than 30 minutes of deliberation.

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Scott Decided To Let The Judge Choose His Penalty

According to the press release, the evidence presented during the punishment phase revealed that Scott had not only five prior drug-related convictions but also convictions for unlawful possession of a handgun by a felon and indecency with a minor through exposure.

Fisher noted that Scott had several opportunities to change his life, but he decided to live it the way it was. She added that it was important to convey to the defendant as well as anyone else who might be considering selling drugs in Galveston County that they will be held accountable and imprisoned for a very long period.

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Judge Jeth Jones informed Scott that he had been investigated, accused of, indicted for, and prosecuted for drug dealing before imposing a sentence. He was being punished by the court for being a drug dealer, for which a jury had found him guilty. Drug traffickers are not welcome in Galveston County, the judge informed Scott.

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