‘I’m too trusting’: Disabled Veteran Defrauded After Giving Local Construction Company $30K

A soldier who is crippled claims that he was taken advantage of by a local construction company. Frank Godek claims that his house is a complete mess as a result of the disastrous home improvements. Godek said, “My fatal mistake is that I’m too trusting,” and he was right.

The man who had served in the military decided about 30 years ago to build a house in Hitchcock with the intention of spending the rest of his life there after he retired.

“Only two ways they are going to get me out,” he says in the conversation. “Either they’re going to tax me out of existence or they’re going to carry me out,” he said.

Godek claims that he hired Joe Kusick from Joe’s All Service Company in August, after a storm damaged his home and prompted him to seek professional assistance. Godek claims that he observed Kusick’s crews working on the residence of a neighbor.

Godek claims that after signing a contract, he made many payments totaling tens of thousands of dollars to the building company on several occasions. The elderly man, who is 86 years old, claims that he paid $38,000 to Kusick in total. “There is no more money. Godek stated, “I know there’s no way I can get it back.”

According to Godek, construction workers ceased reporting to work in November, and Joe Kusick refused to deliver documentation to his insurance company, which rendered it difficult for him to collect repayment for his savings. Godek’s claims are supported by the fact that Joe Kusick also stopped showing up to work. Now Godek is responsible for paying the bills and cleaning up the mess.

Disabled Veteran Defrauded After Giving Local Construction Company $30K

As a retired veteran living on a fixed income, he explained, “It’s taken me years and years to save up this money because I was in the military.” Godek spoke with the authorities, but they informed him that the situation was a civil one and not a legal one. Now, he is working hard to save up enough money to pay someone else to complete the task that he started. He relates his experiences in the hopes of preventing others from going through the same difficulties. As we are almost end of this article, you can see the most interesting news about Texas Legislature Approving Permanent Daylight Saving Time.

Godek added, “I would like to see him put in prison for what he did so that he doesn’t do this to any other elderly person.” Godek expressed his desire to see the perpetrator punished for his actions. KPRC 2 attempted to get in touch with Joe’s All Service Company, but no one picked up the phone when we called.

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