East Texas Fire Risks Are Getting Worse Because of the Hot Weather!

Will East Texas burn? Is the land drying out and becoming a tinderbox as temperatures soar? Is the fire risk increasing due to the lack of rain? With high temperatures and dry conditions, are fire dangers rising? Are fire services and local authorities on high alert to stop future fires?

In this grave situation, how are scientists predicting fire potential? How can East Texas citizens protect themselves and their communities from this deadly fire? As the heatwave continues in East Texas, we’ll investigate the rising fire risks!

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East Texas Battles Rising Fire Perils Amid Heatwave!

East Texas is at a higher danger of wildfires this week due to the prolonged period of 100-degree weather and the lack of rain. Fuller Springs Fire Department Assistant Chief Bobby Cranford commented, “When everything is so dry – we haven’t had rain and if we get a little bit, it soaks right into the ground — and so everything is so flammable at this point.”

The Texas A&M Forest Service has stated that this will be a continuing problem for the next week or more. Areas along and west of Interstate 35 in East Texas are most at risk, as their experts predicted they will reach a high fire potential on Wednesday.

The Texas A&M Forest Service provided some information about Texas weather current situation:

On Thursday, the impact will be felt in the Western Pineywoods, Southeast Texas, and the eastern Hill Country. Texas A&M Forest Service Public Information Officer Sean Dugan remarked,

“The first responders are the volunteer fire departments, they’ll be the first ones on the scene and if they can get it put out then they will, but as the fire grows and it goes beyond the scope of what they can handle then they’ll can us and start pulling multiple resources.”

East Texas Fire Risks Are Getting Worse Because of the Hot Weather!

Authorities have warned that flames in East Texas’ dense pine forests will be extremely challenging to contain.

“Small easily dried out fuel versus heavy it takes a long time to dry those fuels out, and depending now that it’s been so hot and so dry those larger fuels that are harder to dry out, those are starting to dry out,” said Dugan.

Dugan also urged the people of East Texas to be careful around open flames: “Please be careful with anything that can cause a spark, you know, that’s grills, welding machines, your vehicle if you park on tall dry grass.”

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According to Cranford, the warnings have ended and citations will be issued for any further instances of burning.

“We need all the help we can. Helping by not starting fires and not burning, that’s the biggest help that you can give us,” said Cranford.

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