FAA Approves SpaceX Starship Test Flight From Texas

After overcoming the last obstacle, SpaceX is now ready to launch its brand-new, massive Starship from the state of Texas as soon as the next week on a first test flight.

On Friday, the Federal Aviation Administration finally handed out the much-anticipated license. SpaceX stated that the Starship rocket, which is the largest and most powerful in the world, might take off as early as Monday.

The rocket, which will have a height of 394 feet (120 meters), will not carry any humans or satellites. From the extreme southern tip of Texas all the way to Hawaii.

FAA Approves SpaceX Starship Test Flight From Texas

SpaceX will attempt to launch the space craft perched atop the enormous launcher into orbit around the earth. The spacecraft will be jettisoned into the Pacific Ocean, while the first stage will be thrown in the Gulf of Mexico. In this premiere, there will be no attempts made at landing.

It will be the first time that a full-size Starship, constructed of gleaming stainless steel and propelled by engines fueled by methane, is attempted to be launched. According to the FAA, SpaceX has satisfied all standards, including those pertaining to safety and the environment. The license can be used for a period of up to five years.

Sawyer Merritt tweeted that The FAA has officially approved @SpaceXs Starship rocket for its first-ever orbital launch! You can check below:

“We carefully analyzed the public safety risks during every stage of the mission and required SpaceX to mitigate those risks,” the FAA explained further. Musk has the idea that Starships might be used to transport people to the moon and Mars. NASA has already committed to purchasing a Starship with the intention of landing astronauts on the moon as early as the year 2025. You can also read the most interesting news about Texas 13 Year Old Kidnapped In February Discovered With 27 Year Old Man In Mississippi.

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