FBLA State Leadership Conference 2023

In the spring of 2018, the Cinco Ranch High School FBLA Chapter went to Galveston, Texas, to take part in the 2023 State Leadership Conference. The conference ran from March 22 to March 24. Members first had to fight at the District Leadership Conference in January to be able to go to this event.

Throughout the year, these students worked very hard learning for their competition and/or working on their projects. Twenty-five Cinco Ranch kids placed first through fifth in at least one event. The 22 students who won one of the top four spots in their competition can now fight at the FBLA National Leadership Conference in Atlanta this summer.

In addition to the competitions, the meeting had a lot of workshops and campaigns for state officers that were very interesting to many of our members. Natalie Do, a member of the Cinco Ranch FBLA, said, “When we had free time, we went to a lot of the workshops.” “I loved how each workshop talked about so many different things.”

FBLA State Leadership Conference 2023

At the conference, the Cinco Ranch High School chapter also got a lot of awards and praise. We got the Vernon Payne Award because our group was the most active and best in Texas. Our FBLA chapter got first place in the Local Chapter Business study, which was written by Grace Zhang and Rahul Rajulu. The Local Chapter Business Report is a 24-page study about what the Cinco Ranch FBLA has done. Also, check Friendswood Couple Security Cameras Catch Trespasser Peeking Through Windows.

“When our school’s name was called, I felt more than proud of our chapter,” Grace Zhang said. Also, Ella Ng and Susmita Pasala, both sophomores, got first place in an event planning class called “Introduction to Event Planning.” Ella said, “We were nervous, but when we heard we got first, it was exciting because we had been waiting for this moment.”

The Cinco Ranch FBLA members were proud of what they had done and learned a lot from their trip. No matter how they did, everyone left the meeting with a smile on their face and ready to move on to the next thing with Cinco Ranch High School FBLA.

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