Webster Neighborhood Rescues Two Stray Dogs

Scrawny, sunburned. They were missing some hair on their back,” said Christina Feindel. That’s what two dogs looked like back in the middle of February. Feindel believes the two pups were dumped in her Webster neighborhood.

“We have a theory that maybe one of the neighbors moved out, and left them in their yard or something because they were hanging around a couple of the houses back there,” she said.

“I’m not sure. I would have petted a Pit Bull before this,” said Joanne Ashland.  Ashland, whose known for rescuing cats, gave the two their names. “He’s Lucky to be rescued. It’s tough right now. And Buddy, because he’s a Buddy of Lucky,” she said.

Lucky and Buddy have been spending most of their time in Christina and Noah’s garage and in the backyard. The couple can’t keep them. Must see Africanized Honey Bees Claim Lives Of Texas Dogs In Deadly Attack.

Webster Neighborhood Rescues Two Stray Dogs

According to FOX, “We got a 91-year-old and a cat we’re trying to keep in a safe situation. Because they’re high energy, they will knock her right over,” said Noah Mowry. “We’ve heard a lot of no’s from a lot of rescue groups that are overburdened. Right now, there are not enough fosters,” Feindel said.

The neighbors, who went from being strangers to being friends, all agreed on one thing. “We can’t put them in a kill shelter. Everything we can do to keep them out of there was the biggest goal we had,” Mowry said. You can check First Rabies Case Confirmed In Kerr County For 2023.

Both dogs were neutered, got all their shots, and are being treated for heartworms. “Our neighbor, Joanne, has paid for all the medical treatment they’ve needed,” said Feindel. “The neighbor down the street took them to get neutered with his truck. He’s a dog person, too. He’s got a couple of his own.”

“We just want them to find that home,” said Christina’s mother Laurie Feindel. Now these two, who brought neighbors together, need to find fosters or forever homes. “We need more people to help out with these animals,” Laurie Feindel said. “It takes a village. In this case, it takes a neighborhood.

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