Texas Lawmaker Calls For Action As Fentanyl Overdose Deaths Continue To Rise

According to the allegations, a Texas guy kidnapped a woman and held her hostage in a trailer in Houston for four years. The 42-year-old Abraham Bravo Segura was detained on Wednesday evening and is accused of kidnapping. He was detained in Harris County Prison.

According to prosecutors, he held the unnamed victim inside the trailer while locking all the doors and installing burglar bars on the windows.

The Fire Department

The fire department had to use power tools to cut the burglar bars as a police officer attempted to cut a chain to a padlock using bolt cutters.

Fentanyl Overdose Deaths Continue To Rise

While Segura was at work, the victim contacted 911 and said she was being held hostage, according to KTRK-TV. It was unclear immediately how the victim got her hands on the phone.

Auseilsaul Contreras, Segura’s buddy, informed the media that Segura was innocent.

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“I them together. They came to our house sometime when we had parties and everything. They were good. I don’t know what they’re saying,” Contreras said.

US  Dept Of State INL tweeted that As overdose deaths continue to rise, INL is taking global measures to counter it. You can see below:

A $150,000 bond was imposed for Segura. If he posts a bond, he must wear a GPS tracking device and maintain a minimum distance of 200 feet from the victim.

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