Heartbreaking Case Texas Mom Found Guilty Of Drowning Children And Burying Them Under Neighbor’s House

On Monday, a mother from Houston, Texas, pleaded guilty to drowning her two children in 2016, in exchange for 40 years in prison. On Tuesday, nearly seven years after the crime, Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg announced the plea agreement reached with Sheborah Latrice Thomas.

As per the news “This mother knew what she was doing, she knew it was wrong, and we vowed to seek justice for these two children,” Ogg said. “This plea agreement means that family members will not have to testify, and this woman cannot appeal her conviction or the sentence.”

According to the DA, Thomas first drowned her 5-year-old daughter Kayiana Thomas in the bathtub of their southeast Houston home on August 12, 2016. Kayiana’s body was placed on a bed after she died, according to Ogg. Araylon “Ray Ray” Thomas, her 7-year-old son, was then called to the bathroom and drowned.

Texas mom drowned her kids
texas moTexas mom drowned her kids drowned her kids

The next day, Thomas hid the bodies of the children in a trash can behind the house and went to work early to get her paycheck. The DA also stated that Thomas was unable to leave town, so she dug a hole in the ground for the bodies that were insufficiently large. Instead, she rolled her children’s bodies under a neighbor’s house.

When Thomas told a friend that she had drowned her children and needed to leave town, she began packing and throwing things away. According to Foxnews Ogg, the friend initially thought Thomas was joking, but after realizing she wasn’t, he asked more questions and she showed him where the bodies could be found.

As everyone is shocked on hearing this horrific news people are posting their views on social media. Here is a Tweet regarding the situation.

Andrea Yates of Houston drowned her five children, ages seven to six months, in the bathtub of her family’s home in 2001. In July 2006, she was found not guilty by reason of insanity and committed to a state mental hospital.

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