Johnny Manziel Statue To Be Unveiled In Kerrville

Residents of Kerrville have come together with the intention of presenting the Kerrville Independent School District with a life-size statue of Johnny Manziel, which would be placed in Antler Stadium. Monday’s meeting of the board of trustees for the Kerrville Independent School District was the monthly meeting for the month of December. Mindy Wendele, who is coordinating the initiative, spoke to the board.

“We have not fixed a budget yet,” stated Wendell. “Tonight, we are taking a significant step forward in addressing this particular detail. We have been talking about a budget, but nothing has been decided upon regarding it as of now. It is possible that it will be the very first one in the country to recognize our Heisman Trophy winner if we are successful in moving forward with this and getting a partner in the KISD and Antler Stadium.

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Wendell has communicated with Manziel’s mother and told him about the efforts being made by the people in Kerrville on his behalf. Manziel is aware of these efforts.

After speaking with Manziel’s mother, Wendell shared his impression that her son was “very delighted and very pleased.”

During the next eighteen to twenty-four months, he indicated that he would be willing to sit with the sculpture that will be produced in New Braunfels and other things. Wendell explained that there is no price tag that can be shared due to the fact that they are still working on determining the entire cost of the project.

Throughout the course of her journey, she has been confronted with the question, “Why is this a good idea for Kerrville?” on numerous occasions.

“This is a celebration of the remarkable athleticism of a young man who we are proud to call our own. It extends further into the future of the motivation he has and will continue to have with our young people, which goes beyond the scope of what he really accomplished “Wendele stated. Because of this, we believe that carrying out this plan will be beneficial.

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