Michael Cimino Net Worth And His Financial Situation

The role of Bob Palmeri in Annabelle Comes Homemade Michael Cimino, born on November 10, 1999, is the most famous. In the Hulu original series Love Victor Teen drama season one beginning in 2020, this gentleman grabbed the hearts of millions of people with his outstanding performance as the lead actor Victor Salazar.

Many girls were drawn to Victor when he arrived at Creekwood High School in the first season due to his outgoing personality. Still, the plot has it that he was attracted to George Sears when he first saw him in class, which is when his fans realized he was acting like a gay boy.

Michael Cimino’s Net Worth

That Michael Cimino is a prevalent issue is not surprising. The actor is seriously building a name for himself, valued at an astonishing $1.5 million, with two seasons of Love, Victor now under his belt and a hopeful third to come.

Michael Cimino Net Worth

Although the public is still in the dark about his per-episode pay, it is evident that he is making a ton of money through Hulu, as he should. Fortunately for Michael Cimino, his value will continue to rise. Cimino’s career is advancing as the buzz surrounding Love, Victor’s third season, intensifies.

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The actor is scheduled to appear in three shows this year and the following year. This year will see the TV show Black Box debut, where Michael will play Logan.

A Resounding Success For “Love, Victor”

Michael Cimino debuted in 2015’s Unlimited Potential. After that, Cimino continued his career and played Bob Palmieri in Annabelle Comes Home in 2019. In 2020, Victor cast Michael Cimino as the lead in the Hulu Original series Love. After the popularity of Nick Robinson’s film Love, Simon, the Hulu drama takes place in the same period as Robinson’s character.

Michael’s career took off after the show’s first season, so fans wanted a second! After seeing season two, where Victor Salazar comes out to his family, the actor has a promising career.


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Michael started performing with his church group in Las Vegas. Michael’s choir instructor saw something special in him and encouraged him to pursue the arts. Michael learned cold reading at Sterling Studio Actors, which helped him land his 2020 breakthrough role.


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