Straight Couples With 10 Kids Could Get Huge Tax Breaks In Texas

Do you live in Texas? Want to avoid paying property taxes? You can if a recently proposed bill passes! So long as you’re straight, married, and have not seven, eight, or nine children, but ten. Only double digits, people! There will be no gays or heathen divorcees!

That’s correct: Republican Representative Bryan Slaton introduced HB No. 2889, which would eliminate property taxes for opposite-sex married couples with 10 children. Straight-married couples with fewer than ten children would also get a tax break, but not as much.

Straight Couples With 10 Kids Could Get Huge Tax Breaks In Texas
Straight Couples With 10 Kids Could Get Huge Tax Breaks In Texas

Do you believe three children should suffice to qualify? Consider again! The threshold at which a couple would save a little extra come tax time is four, which equals a 40% reduction. Five points equal 50%, and so on.

Are you wondering if you qualify if you were married once, divorced, remarried, and had four to ten children with your new spouse? You certainly would not! According to the bill’s text, a “qualifying married couple” is “a man and a woman who are legally married to each other and have never been divorced.”

What Did Slaton Said?

In terms of a “qualifying child,” if biological, the child must be born after the couple’s marriage; if adopted, the couple must marry before the child is adopted. “With this bill, Texas will start saying to couples, ‘Get married, stay married, and be fruitful and multiply,'” Slaton said in a statement, implying that The Handmaid’s Tale is something to strive for.

Sawyer Hackett posted a Tweet about the situation. You can see the tweet below.

Gonzales supported the Respect for Marriage Act last year, which established the right of same-sex and interracial couples to marry. (Last year, the Texas Republican Party adopted a platform in which homosexuality is described as an “abnormal lifestyle choice” and LGBTQ+ people are not entitled to legal protection from discrimination.)

Other news related to texas:

Gonzales also voted for gun control legislation introduced in the aftermath of the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, which is in his district, in an apparent act of treason.

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