Brutal Robbery: Texas Woman Left Paralyzed After Thief Violent Attack

A Texas woman who was beaten last month and knocked to the ground while stealing thousands of dollars may have to live the rest of her life in a wheelchair, according to police and reports.

Family members and Houston police report that since a man attacked Nhung Truong on February 13 after she withdrew a substantial sum of money from a bank, Truong has been unable to use one of her legs.

The Houston Police

Authorities said that Truong, 44, was pursued to a shopping mall 24 miles from the bank, where the suspect approached her and attempted to flee with the money.

In the video released by Houston police, she dropped several items during the struggle with the male. After leaving with one thing, the robber soon returned, picked up Truong off the ground, brutally slammed her onto the concrete, and fled with the cash, according to the police.

Authorities think he stole the wrong thing at first and then returned with it. The family, $4,300 was stolen, KRIV said.

Houston Police Robbery tweeted that helped to identify the suspect wanted for a robbery by force. You can see below:

Truong’s spinal cord was damaged in the attack, making her unable to use her left leg, which is significantly worse. Through her daughter, Truong stated that no one knew when her leg could walk again.

“It’s not a big loss of money,” her daughter Linh Duong told the station. “The big loss is her leg.”

Truong is a single mother from Vietnam who immigrated to the US. According to the victim’s mother, her daughter had already been through a difficult life after losing her husband to liver cancer seven years ago, according to KRIV.

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She needs ongoing assistance, including assistance using the restroom. According to reports, Truong has a 50% probability of walking again.

“If a miracle happens, then she can walk again,” daughter Van Duong told KRIV.

Texas Woman Left Paralyzed After Thief Violent Attack

The money she took out of the bank was supposed to go toward a trip to Vietnam for her and her family, according to a GoFundMe page set up by her family.

The family pleads for financial assistance for her mother’s care and everyday expenses. No arrest has been made in the case.

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