Devastating Storms Strike Texas: Communities Brace For Impact

On Thursday, residents of North Texas were forced to take shelter from severe weather as the region was hit by a string of severe thunderstorms that prompted a tornado warning and brought rain, hail, and lightning to the area.

As tornado warnings were issued Thursday night and continued until 8 p.m., the National Weather Service stated that there was a possibility of wind gusts reaching up to 70 miles per hour and large hail.

The watch spanned the territory from a point just north of Waco all the way into Oklahoma, as well as the territory from Cisco in the west all the way to Paris in Texas.

The Central Gulf Coast And The Southeast Plains

The storm brought high winds and caused significant damage to the roof of a car dealership in Irving, Texas, which was affected by the storm.

As the storm system moved through the metropolitan area of Dallas and Fort Worth, footage taken from downtown areas of both cities showed the sky becoming darker.

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In addition to Texas, the central Gulf Coast and the Southeast Plains will be affected by severe weather this week. There is a potential for large hail, damaging winds, tornado warnings, and flooding rainfall in these areas.

On the arctic side of this system, areas of the northern Plains, parts of the Midwest, and the Great Lakes will see snowfall totals that can be measured.

Andy Veramaut tweeted that Texas was hit with severe weather and tornado warnings. You can take a look below:

Temperatures will fall by a significant amount as a result of the powerful cold front that is associated with the system, and freeze advisories will be issued for the Plains and the Southeast.

While this is going on, the eastern third of the country is forecast to have wet weather, which may make it difficult for some St. Patrick’s Day parades to take place.

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