After Fort Worth Man Was Misidentified As Mass Sh00ter, Family Worried About His Safety

A guy from Fort Worth and his family say they are scared and angry because the FBI posted his picture and said he was the suspect in the shooting that k!lled five people near Houston on Friday night. He has the same last name as the suspect, but with a Z instead of a S at the end.

He says that because of that mistake, he and his family have been getting de@th threats this weekend. His family said he just started a new job last week in North Texas. He is married and has kids. Now, no one in his family knows when they will even leave their homes.

“What if someone sees the tweet, sees that someone shared it on Facebook, sees the picture, and then sees him? Do you know?” said his sister-in-law.

Who Lives In Fort Worth?

After the FBI said it misidentified a man who is wanted for k!lling five of his neighbors in Cleveland, Texas, a family in Fort Worth is now afraid. FOX 4 talked to a woman on Sunday who said that the wrong photo was of her brother-in-law, who lives in Fort Worth and is married with four kids. We won’t say who she is to keep her safe.

“They haven’t been outside, but sure, they are. He drives a truck. She said, “He drives all over the U.S.” “Somebody could have seen him somewhere.”

The woman said that the armed and dangerous suspect wanted to leave San Jacinto County. The suspect’s name is close to her brother-in-law’s name, but the spelling is different. She said that her sister-in-law’s brother called the FBI on Sunday because he was scared. He told the police that they put up a picture of the wrong man and that the picture they used was his newly taken CDL photo.

“At that point, we thought. ‘Oh gosh. What do we do?’ This is being spread pretty much everywhere. She said, “It’s all over the place.”

An hour after that call, FBI Houston tweeted about their mistake. They included new pictures of suspect Francisco Oropesa and made it clear that from now on, the suspect’s last name will be spelled with an S instead of a Z. You must check out Texas Child K!ller Who Gouged Out Own Eyes And Ate One Faces Delayed Execution.

We went back and looked at what we had, and now we’re sure we put out the right shot, but it was a mistake. “We will own up to it,” said James Smith, the head of the FBI field office in Houston.

Fort Worth Man Was Misidentified As Mass Sh00ter

At a news conference on Sunday afternoon, the FBI told reporters about the mistake.

“As you can see, when we do a study like this, we get information from a lot of different places and people. And it was an error on our part. We knew what it was. We moved fast to get rid of that picture,” Smith said.

But the family from Fort Worth said that screenshots and wrong stories are still being shared on the internet. You can see the Texas Police Seek Public Help In Solving Model Mu*der.

“That’s a very bad mistake. I wish they would write better in their journals before posting. “With something so important, you should find out who the person is,” his sister-in-law told him.

The family was told that an FBI agent would come to their house on Sunday, but as of Sunday afternoon, they were still at home waiting for the agent.

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