Texas Surfer Rescued By Coast Guard After Heavy Winds Blew Him Offshore

According to the Coast Guard, a surfer who had to be evacuated to safety after being forced offshore by huge waves and heavy winds at Bolivar Beach in Texas had to be rescued.

Air Station Houston Rescued A 20-Year-Old Surfer Beset

On Saturday afternoon, somewhere about 4 o’clock, the United States Coast Guard Air Station in Houston got a call concerning a surfer who needed assistance.

They were told that the surfer, who was 20 years old, was pushed offshore by seas that were 8 feet high and gusts that were 34 miles per hour, the Coast Guard stated in a news release. You can also check Texas Teacher Pensions May See First Increase In 20 Years.

According to the Coast Guard, the surfer’s father fought to aid his kid after donning a lifejacket and hooking a fishing line to his belt. He then attempted to help his son while surfing.

We have given a tweet about the USCG helicopter crew from Air Station Houston rescued a 20-year-old surfer beset by weather off Bolivar Beach, Texas. You can see below:

“Watchstanders issued an urgent marine information broadcast and diverted an already-airborne MH-65 Dolphin helicopter crew from Coast Guard Air Station Houston to assist,” the Coast Guard stated in its statement.

A video of the rescuae operation was uploaded to the internet, and it shows a Coast Guard diver being hoisted out of the water by another Coast Guard diver who was lowered on a cable from the helicopter. According to the Coast Guard, a member of the surfer’s family who was present on the beach was successful in bringing the surfer’s father back to shore.

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