Texas Police Seek Public Help In Solving Model Murder

The death of a promising young model in a Dallas suburb last year is still unsolved, and police are appealing to the public for information.

On April 10, 2022, 24-year-old Ja Meesia Anderson-Busby was shot dead in the 9800 block of Grove Oaks Boulevard. Authorities decided that an “unknown suspect” shot Anderson-Busy. According to her loved ones, she had no enemies.

“Ja Meesia Anderson-Busby was outside playing with a friend of hers in the front yard and enjoying a nice sunny day when she observed somebody down the street … kind of looking strange,” Dallas Police Detective Reggie Woods.

Officials say Anderson-Busby and her friend began retreating toward the home as the man ran toward them brandishing a firearm.

Brandon Thompson tweeted that  Texas police asked the public for help in solving the murder of an upcoming model. You can see below:

“The suspect intentionally ran towards her because there were actually three people standing out in the front yard: a friend of hers and a relative, and he bypassed both of them to run towards Miss Anderson-Busy and shot her,” Woods said.

The suspect in the footage released by the Dallas Police Department on Wednesday may be seen with a gray hoodie and red trousers.

You must check this news:

Police reported that the suspect made his getaway on foot. The suspect’s gray Dodge Challenger may be seen in the surveillance footage collected by the police. According to investigators, the culprit probably parked nearby and walked to the crime scene.

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