Friendswood Manicure Salon Charged Single Mom About $700 For Toenail Painting

“I made this bow,” Madeline Warner stated. “I’m trying to figure out how to make bows so that I can stay home with her.” She began making and selling baby bows on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to bring in some additional cash.

She claims that the fifty dollars that Epic Nails Spa on El Dorado Boulevard in Friendswood cost her to change the color of her nails were so outrageous that she couldn’t believe it.

Warner expressed his dissatisfaction, stating, “I wasn’t happy, and she told me it would cost $50 because she cut my toenails.”

According to FOX26, Warner claims that she did not leave a tip, despite the fact that the total cost for one was $5.

“We called them up, and I tried to argue with them about it as well,” she said. After that, she included $12 in the total tip. When I woke up the following morning, she had already made a charge to my card for $573,” stated Warner.

Friendswood Manicure Salon Charged Single Mom About $700 For Toenail Painting

Be mindful of the fact that Warner claims the only service she received was having her toenails trimmed and painted. You must read that YouTube Prankster Arrested In Texas On Instagram Live

“When I phoned her, she answered the phone, and I informed her that she had made an unauthorized charge to my credit card in the amount of $573. “Click, just cut me off,” Warner said to the clicker. “I phoned back three more times, left a message each time, and threatened to go to the police if they didn’t call me back or give me my money back. No one ever contacted me back or returned my call. They did not respond to me in any way. In addition to that, I informed them via email that I had recently given birth in addition to the fact that they had recently taken this money from me. You pretty much broke my bank. No response.”

The employee informed me that the business proprietor was not present and then collected my card. Warner expressed his dissatisfaction by saying, “I am not happy, and I can’t believe they could do that to someone.”

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